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Season 2.0 Opening:

The cylons were created by man
they evolved
they rebelled
there are many copies
and they have a plan

in search of a home
called earth

Season 2.0 Episode Guide
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Episode 1: Scattered - Episode Summary is now available
Written by David Weddle & Bradley Thompson; Directed by Michael Rymer; 7/15/05
With Commander Adama fighting for his life after being critically wounded and President Roslin sitting in the brig after finding herself on the losing side of a power struggle, it's up to Colonel Tigh to lead the troops. With Galactica alone in space, Tigh is forced to make decisions that could put the ship and her crew in danger.

Episode 2: Valley of Darkness - Episode Summary is now available
Written by David Weddle & Bradley Thompson; Directed by Michael Rymer; 7/22/05
When a computer virus causes a power loss onboard Galactica, Centurions seize the opportunity to take over the ship. Lee, in the brig with Roslin for being disloyal to his father, tries to persuade his captors to release them so they can defend the battlestar against the invading Cylons.

Episode 3: Fragged - Episode Summary is now available
Written by Dawn Prestwich & Nicole Yorkin; Directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan; 7/29/05
The Quorum arrives to see President Roslin, but Tigh is hesitant to release her from the brig. Persuaded that her compromised mental state will result in more power for him, he relents with drastic consequences. Meanwhile, Lee heads a search-and-rescue mission on Kobol to find the lost crew.

Episode 4: Resistance - Episode Summary is now available
Written by Toni Graphia; Directed by Allan Kroeker; 8/5/05
Tigh, whose decisions are now influenced by his ambitious wife and his drinking problems, institutes martial law, an act that divdes the fleet. Meanwhile, Lee and Roslin break free and scheme to establish a democratic opposition.

Episode 5: The Farm - Episode Summary is now available
Written by Carla Robinson; Directed by Rod Hardy; 8/12/05
When Adama reassumes command of Galactica, his first order of business is finding Lee and Roslin, who have escaped with Tom Zarek. Meanwhile, Starbuck recovers in a hospital on Caprica and makes a shocking discovery.

Episode 6: Home, Part 1 - Episode Summary is now available
Written by David Eick; Directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan; 8/19/05
A third of the fleet follows Roslin back to orbit Kobol, but this rebel group suffers from infighting as Zarek and his security detail Meier go up against Lee. Roslin must trust the Cylon Sharon, who may be the link to finding the Tomb of Athena and the route to Earth.

Episode 7: Home, Part 2 - Episode Summary is now available
Written by David Eick & Ronald D. Moore; Directed by Jeff Woolnough; 8/26/05
When Roslin and her group search for the Tomb of Athena, Zarek continues to plot against Lee. Meanwhile, Adama heads a mission to Kobol, where he finally tracks down Roslin's team, and Sharon has to decide between saving him — or shooting him all over again.

Episode 8: Final Cut - Episode Summary is now available
Written by Mark Verheiden; Directed by Robert Young; 9/9/05
When Galactica's marines fire into a group of civilian protesters, damage control is required. But when Adama and Roslin invite reporter D'Anna Biers onboard and give her unlimited access to the ship, she discovers an astonishing secret that could affect them all.

Episode 9: Flight of the Phoenix - Episode Summary is now available
Written by Bradley Thompson & David Weddle; Directed by Michael Nankin; 9/16/05
Chief Tyrol decides to build a new Viper from salvaged parts, a seemingly impossible task. Meanwhile, Galactica is hit by a cripping computer virus identified as a "Cylon logic bomb." Sharon, whose loyalties are still under suspicion, plays a key role in reversing the viral tables, allowing Galactica to avoid defeat from a Cylon assault.

Episode 10: Pegasus - Episode Summary is now available
Written by Anne Cofell Saunders; Directed by Michael Rymer; 9/23/05
Pegasus, a battlestar that everyone thought had been destroyed, surprisingly reappears and its leader, Admiral Helena Cain, wasted no time in asserting her power. When Pegasus' chief interrogator uses strong-arm tactics on Sharon, Helo and Tyrol come to her aid and the interrogator is killed. Cain sentences them both to death, causing Adama to prepare his ship for battle.

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