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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Exodus, Part 1
Episode Number: 302
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Felix Alcala
Original Air Date: 10/13/06 on SciFi Channel
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Commander Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Gaius Baltar, Number Six (Baltar's Inner Six & Baltar's Six Reborn), Number Eight (Caprica Sharon & Galactica Boomer)
Recurring Characters That Appear: Caprica Three, Number Fives (Doral), Brother Cavils, Leoben, Helo, Cally, Tyrol, Dee, Anders, Ellen Tigh, Jammer, Maya, Connor
Guest Characters that Appear: Oracle Sedona Selloi

Previously (Recap):
Tigh is released from detention.

Brother Cavil wants Ellen to get the time and place of a resistance meeting.

Hera is born. Cottle tells Helo and Sharon that she's dead. Roslin gives her to Maya.

The Raptor makes contact.

The fleet and Adama hatch a plan.

Dee and Lee learn that Adama is sending Sharon to New Caprica.

Adama tells Lee to makes plans for the fleet, but that he's going back.

Brother Cavil says that they have to make a statement concerning the resistance.

The trucks full of resistance come to a halt. Brother Cavil orders them to stretch their legs.

Jammer pulls Cally aside and tells her to run.

Five Cylon Centurions step over the hill towards Roslin and the others.

Cally runs as gunfire is heard.

(Caption: One Hour Earlier)
Ellen helps Tigh bandage his eye. She tells him that she would do anything for him. Tyrol rushes in with a list of people that are to be killed. He's close to losing it. Tigh gets him to pull himself together and reminds him how they can extrapolate the coordinates. He tells Tyrol to calm down and don't get himself caught since Nicholas wouldn't want Tigh and Ellen as parents.

Act 1:
In their makeshift command center, Tyrol scrabbles to find a map. He finds it and starts to extrapolate the position.

Tyrol and Seelix walk and talk. He tells her to pull the men together.

Sharon and the Marines evaluate the position along the river. Sharon tells them to take position and then she moves off alone.

(Caption: Breeders Canyon; Resistance Rendezvous Point)
Sharon calls out the password. Anders responds. She crossed the river and they greet each other.

(Caption: Pergamus Flats; Cylon Execution Point)
Tyrol , Seelix and their men reconnoiter the position. He spots Zarek and Roslin.

Sharon and Anders talk.

Tyrol spots Cally and then sees her run. They spot the Cylon Centurions. Tyrol tells Seelix to count to five before she fires. He takes off.

The Marines spot two humanoid Cylons and put them in their sights.

Seelix counts to five. Tyrol tackles Cally just as Seelix opens fire.

Anders and the resistance get shot at.

Seelix and her men take down the Centurions and some of the human police as Jammer pulls his mask off.

The Marines clean up the Cylons taking aim on Sharon and Anders.

One of the Resistance finds a map on one of the humanoid Cylons. It's Anders' map and he realizes that someone sold out.

Roslin and Zarek get up.

Seelix takes pleasure in the Brother Cavil bleeding out from a painful wound.

Tyrol greets Roslin, who is happy to see him. Cally wants to know what's next. Tyrol says that they are going home because Adama is coming for them.

Act 2:
Caprica Three dreams of the Oracle's tent and holding a baby.

Caprica Three wakes up in her bed.

On Colonial One, Baltar and Baltar's Six lie in bed. She says that it's okay. He apparently couldn't get into lovemaking. He asks her how her day was. She gets up and starts getting dressed. He describes a conversation with a Doral about sanitation and how having toilet paper would improve things. Six says that she's watched him slip down into self-hatred for the last four months and what she's given up. As she starts to leave, he asks her to stay. He pours a drink and she comes back to sit on the bed.

In her prison apartment, Kara talks to Kacey, who is still bandaged. She apologizes to Kacey for leaving her alone. She says that she upset with herself. Leoben walks in. She gets up and says that it's time for Kacey to take a nap. Kacey grabs her finger and Kara sits back down next her to her.

Caprica Three cautiously moves through the tent city and enters Oracle Selloi's tent. Selloi says that she knows what she is. She says that Zeus sees Number Three and her pain. Number Three says there is no Zeus and moves to leave. Selloi says that she knows of her dream. Selloi tells her that Hera lives and that Number Three will hold her, but lose everything done.

On the Galactica hangar deck, Helo encourages everyone to move quickly. Dee watches. He knows she's worried about them coming back. Helo says that it's a good plan.

The two crews from Galactica and Pegasus stand on opposite sides of a white chalk line. Racetrack reads a passage about always together and then everyone symbolically erases the line and embrace.

Lee and Adama talk on the hangar deck. Adama gives Lee his orders. He tells him to wait for eighteen hours and then go find Earth. Lee wants to talk him out of it. Lee starts to breakdown. Adama tells him not to make him cry on his own hangar deck. They embrace and then Lee boards his Raptor.

Act 3:
Number Three stands outside the hospital tent and greets the dog. Cottle walks out for a smoke. They talk and she admits to having dreams. He has Cylon blood on him from treating a Doral. She asks him why he cremated Hera's body. He says that it was Roslin's choice.

Brother Cavil reports how he was left to die by the insurgents. He says that this third download was his worst so far. Baltar asks them to kill him. The Cylons start to argue until Caprica Three points it out.

Anders and Sharon talk. He tells her that she needs to stay clear of letting anyone get close enough to "gut" her. She says that'll download the info about the launch keys. They are interrupted as Ellen is brought in and put downstairs. Anders then asks her to keep a look out for Starbuck.

Roslin and Anders talk. She emphasizes that Maya and Hera are important as the two sit nearby. Anders asks and Roslin says that Hera cannot be allowed to fall into Cylon hands, no matter what. He wants to know what is so special about her and Roslin says that Hera "may be the shape of things to come."

Act 4:
Number Three walks through the city. She sees a woman and her baby.

The resistance meets with the Marines. Tyrol mentions both Galactica and Pegasus. The Marine says only Galactica. Roslin and Zarek are there as well. Roslin checks on Maya and "Isis." Anders has assigned his two best shooters. Roslin emphasizes Hera's importance. Ellen is led in and they say that they need to talk.

Sharon walks through the city and feels the stares. A bottle is thrown her way.

Anders, Tigh, Ellen and another resistance man talk. Anders shows him the map that they found on a humanoid Cylon. Ellen tells Saul that she did it for him because they said they were going to kill him.

Sharon enters a ship, walking past a guard.

Sharon goes to a drawer and gets launch keys out. Caprica Three walks in and wants to know what she's doing. Caprica Three realizes that it's Sharon . She says that Sharon is betraying the Cylons. She tells Sharon that Hera is still alive. She tells her about the dreams that she's been having of Hera and that the humans faked Hera's death. Sharon thinks about it and then shoots Caprica Three in both knees. Sharon doesn't believe that Adama would lie to her. Caprica Three says she's wrong.

In the tent city Sharon and Tyrol talk. She says the launch keys are all intact and the ships look to have enough tylium for one jump. Sharon asks Tyrol about his son and then asks about Hera's ashes. She tells him to never let Nicolas out of his sight.

On Galactica, Helo reports that the Raptor has returned and Sharon has secured the launch keys.

In the Rec Room, Racetrack answers the phone as Kat waits. She hangs up and says that "it's on."

Adama enters Galactica CIC. He gets on the ship's speakers and gives a pep speech about the mission that they are about to undertake. He hangs up and orders jump prep. Helo starts going through the sequence.

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