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Razor Flashback Minisodes
Written By Michael Taylor
Directed By Wayne Rose & Felix Alcala

Minisodes Cast & Crew

Minisode Production Notes
- Production notes and analysis

Minisode 1: Day 4,571; Running Time of ~2:40
William "Husker" Adama prepares for his rookie combat mission as a Viper pilot.

Minisode 2: The Hangar; Running Time of ~2:30
A moment in Galactica's hangar rattles young Adama's nerves before his first combat flight.

Minisode 3: Operation Raptor Talon;
Running Time of ~2:30
Vipers and Raiders face off in a brutal firefight above a remote world defended by the Cylons.

Minisode 4: Free Fall; Running Time of ~2:30
Losing his Viper is just the start of rookie William Adama's problems today.

Minisode 5: The Lab; Running Time of ~2:30
Downed rookie pilot William Adama discovers a gruesome Cylon secret project.

Minisode 6: Survivors; Running Time of ~2:00
William "Husker" Adama struggles to free human prisoners from the Cylon lab.

Minisode 7: Escape; Running time of ~4:30
Adama witnesses the rise of a new Cylon threat and gets unexpected news from the Galactica.

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