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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Occupation/Precipice
Episode Number: 301
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Original Air Date: 10/6/06 on SciFi Channel
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Commander Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Gaius Baltar, Number Six (Baltar's Inner Six & Baltar's Six Reborn), Number Eight (Caprica Sharon & Galactica Boomer)
Recurring Characters That Appear: Caprica Three, Number Fives (Doral), Brother Cavils, Simon, Leoben, Helo, Cally, Tyrol, Dee, Gaeta, Anders, Tory Parker, Ellen Tigh, Duck, Jammer

Previously (Recap):
Scenes from the interrogation between Kara and Leoben where he "got" to her.

Admiral Adama promotoes Lee to Commander and gives him command of the Pegasus.

Racetrack finds New Caprica.

Roslin says that she won't say or do whatever in an effort to win an election.

Baltar takes the oath of office and immediately decrees that they will settle on New Caprica.

They settle on the planet.

Ellen and Tight argue, but she says that she loves him.

(Caption: One Year Later)
The Cylons arrive on New Caprica.

Lee convinces Adama that they have to escape with the fleet.

Baltar surrenders to the Cylons.

Leoben asks for Starbuck

A woman straddles a man.

A hand is seen lighting a candle.

Fingers work on a bomb.

A plate of food is put on a table.

Tigh is curled up in a cell.

Ellen straddles someone.

Roslin meditates.

Admiral Adama pushes models across a map of space in Galactica 's situation room and then throws one out of frustration.

Anders and Tyrol work on a bomb.

Act 1:
Kara works over a plate of food as someone can be heard screaming.

Tigh, with his right eye bandaged, presses against something in the corner of his cell when the door opens.

A Brother Cavil walks in and sits in front of Tigh. He looks up at the singular bright light in the cell and puts sunglasses on. He laughs and tells Tigh that every time he's taken out of his cell, they change the wall hash marks that he's trying to hide.

Leoben walks in with a plate of food and sets it on the table. He sits down and starts to pray.

Ellen finishes and climbs off of a man. He sounds gratified and starts to laugh as she stands there awkwardly.

Tyrol and Anders finish up. They hear an aircraft fly overhead and Tyrol says that it's "incoming" so it's time to move.

Kara asks for a knife. Leoben gets up and cuts her food for her.

A Brother Cavil gets up from the couch. Ellen says that now that he's gotten what he wants, she want to know when she'll get what she wants. He says that he thinks she is already getting it. She looks shaken.

Tigh's Brother Cavil says that his file has been reviewed and he's made progress. The Cavil gets up and walks out. Tigh sits there. Cavil says that he's hasn't got all day.

Outside, Tigh walks out and Ellen waits for him. She hugs him.

Tyrol and Anders work on a detonator.

Some humanoid Cylons disembark.

Tyrol has trouble getting the bomb to go off, but it finally does. He and Anders enjoy the results for a moment and then run.

Tigh and Ellen look toward the blast.

Leoben looks out the window and comments on the insurgents. He walks up behind Kara and says she looks lovely. As he leans in, Kara stabs him in the neck. He falls and she jumps on top of him and stabs him a couple more times. Leoben tell her that he'll be seeing her soon and "dies." She gets up, sits at the table and uses the same knife to eat her food.

Act 2:
(Caption: Caprica City ; 134 th Day of Cylon Occupation )
Roslin writes in her journal. She says that tomorrow is Mars Day. She says that there has been no contact with Galactica since the Cylons arrive. The insurgency is building, but since the Cylons don't die but resurrect, she wants to strike at a high profile target. She says that the Colonial Government under Gaius Baltar.

In the Presidential quarters, a Brother Cavil says that they are trying to convert humanity. Baltar's Six Reborn says that they are there because a majority of Cylons believe slaughtering humanity was wrong. Galactica Sharon Reborn says that they are attempting to live in peace. One of the Brother Cavils suggests that they execute Baltar. Baltar's Six Reborn says that won't happen. One of the Fives (Doral) says that Baltar's execution will be welcomed. Cavil then suggests killing the leaders of the resistance.

Roslin says there are some human collaborators. She then says that someone within Baltar's government has been giving them intelligence.

A man appears out of the shadows and puts a package under a dog bowl. Tyrol comes along and retrieves it.

Tyrol opens it and sees that it's plans for a Police Graduation.

In their tent, Cally lies next to her baby and sweetly talks to him. Tyrol walks in. He leans over her shoulder and checks on them. Tyrol tells her that he'll be back in a couple of hours. Cally tells Nick that she worries that one day his father won't make it back Tyrol leans back in and promises it'll only a couple of hours.

Tyrol and Anders meet with Tigh. Tigh tells them that his eye is gone. It was ripped out. They discuss their plans and Tyrol shows him the plans. Tyrol and Anders think they might be able to take a shot at Baltar. Tigh really wants him taken down since he's a traitor. He asks about the wireless and Tyrol says that nothing has come back. He's tried to find out how to get through the Cylon jamming frequencies, but nothing yet. Anders says there is no Raptor and Tigh says that there is one every day. Anders points out that he would be dead if Kara hadn't let "it" go. Tigh asks about Kara. Anders says that he's heard nothing in four months.

Kara sits. Leoben walks in and says that that's five times that she kills him, he resurrects and then comes back to start over. He says that they are meant to be together. She starts to cry and apologize and come closer. He tells her to put it down. She drops the knife. He tells her that she love him because he's seen it. He says he's going to bed, loves her and wants her to join him. She says nothing. Before he leaves the room, he says that either way, she'll be spending the night with him. She waits until he leaves and goes to the door.

Outside the door is a barred cell door. She grabs the bars and cries out. She wants to get out and says that she doesn't belong there.

Act 3:
Fighters conduct drills in space.

Tyrol walks through a nearly empty hanger bay.

Helo calls commands to the vipers.

Racetrack flies the Raptor. Kat executes the drill. The drones scatter and one hits the Raptor, damaging it. Kat, as CAG, aborts the drill.

In Galactica CIC, Helo begins to recall them, when Adama belays him. He wants them to practice fuelling up. Helo tells him that is sixteen times.

Lee listens on the Pegasus. He's visibly fatter. He walks into the Pegasus CIC and wants the admiral on the line. He wants the Vipers recalled. They are interrupted by a collision. Two Vipers, Bingo and Molar, have collided, Adama orders everyone recalled.

Lee walks into Adama's quarters on Galactica. He questions his father. He father says that he's weak and to get his fat ass off his ship.

Sitting next to the pyramid court, Tyrol and Tigh talk about their plan to kill Baltar. Tyrol wonders if Duck is up to it. Duck and Anders play pyramid in front of them. Duck says that since Nora (his wife) was killed, he has nothing to live for. Anders asks if he's committed and Duck affirms that he is.

On Galactica, Adama tells Helo's Sharon that he's not sure if he knows Lee anymore. Adama's attitude toward Sharon implies that they have drawn closer. Sharon says that she turned a corner when she forgave herself. She says that they all wonder when "the man on top" will forgive himself for leaving everyone behind on New Caprica.

In their quarters on Pegasus, Lee stuffs his face as Dee does paperwork. He starts to gripe about his father and when Dee doesn't join in, he starts to turn on her. She says that he's gone out of his way to not be a soldier like his father.

On New Caprica, Tyrol starts to set up the wireless.

Over the planet, Racetrack flies a Raptor as they listen on the wireless. They are almost at the end of their patrol.

Tyrol gets the wireless working.

Racetrack picks up the signal, sends her own return signal and leaves.

Tyrol , Anders and Tigh receive the signal, which says that they will be in contact every twelve hours. It says to prepare SITREP and that they (the fleet) are coming.

Racetrack gets on the wireless and reports that she made contact with New Caprica.

On Galactica, after hearing Racetrack's new, Adama says that it's going to be okay.

Act 4:
Roslin looks through surveillance pictures. She and Tory discuss them. Tory says that they have identified 200 that are working with the Cylons. Roslin is surprised that it's that many.

Duck prays and says that he'll need strength today.

Baltar's Six Reborn and Baltar sit in his quarters. Gaeta walks in and reminds him about the graduation. Baltar says that he won't be there because of security concerns. Gaeta leaves.

Gaeta runs through the city.

Tigh and Tyrol argue. Tyrol wants to call it off because of Galactica's return. Tigh refuses, except if they get word that Baltar won't be there.

Tyrol checks the dog bowl and it is upright. He walks off.

Gaeta walks up to the dog bowl, flips it and walks off.

Duck puts a jacket around a bomb.

Duck walks up and a Cylon Centurion checks him and then okays him. He's wearing one of the police uniforms. Jammer calls after him, but Duck ignores him. A Biers gives a speech.

Tigh sits outside of his tent.

Tyrol lies on his bed and holds his baby.

Anders plays pyramid.

The Biers is congratulating the graduates. When she reaches Duck, he says that he'll be seeing Nora soon. He presses the button and there is a huge explosion.

Act 5:
Baltar looks into a cell.

Roslin sits on the floor in the corner.

Baltar opens the door and brings a chair in. Another chair is brought in. Roslin sits in the chair that Baltar brought in. Baltar gives her back her glasses. Baltar says that the insurgency crossed the line with suicide bombings. He says that they will make a statement together condemning the attacks. Roslin refuses. Baltar wants her to look him in the eye and says that she supports them. Laura doesn't answer, but goes on the verbal attack. She says that there have been illegal arrests. He says that they are done. He walks to the door and orders Roslin's shoes returned as well as her release.

Caprica City is under curfew and being patrolled by Cylon Centurions and human police. A Brother Cavil tells "captain" Jammer of the police that they have their backs.

Anders asks when the next wireless message is. Tyrol says it'll be two minutes. He says that the Cylons cut rations and closed down the market. Tyrol can't believe that the Resistance was planning to attack in the market. Tigh rants. The message comes in. Tigh tells Tyrol to send their message twice.

Cavil gives Jammer a list of names. The human police are to arrest all of them. The police cover their faces and start.

Cally is arrested, as her baby Nick is left behind.

Tyrol comes in and finds Nick alone.

There is a planning session on Galactica. Helo reports that there are only 1100 insurgents under Tigh' "command." They discuss launch keys. They decide that the New Capricans will have to find them. Lee comes in and is negative about the plan. Kat calls him on it.

The police are on patrol, but still hiding their identities with masks.

Gaeta and Tyrol talk. Tyrol wants to know why they took Cally. Gaeta says he'll find out. Tyrol wonders how Gaeta can live with himself being an aid to Baltar. Tyrol wants him to DO something.

Jammer walks up outside of Tyrol 's tent and sees a baby toy in the mud. Tyrol walks up. They talk. Jammer hides the fact that he's one of the police. He tries to say that maybe those who joined the police thought they were doing something good. Tyrol won't hear of it and rants about stringing up them and others like Gaeta as collaborators.

Leoben and Kara talk. He tells her that even though the farm back on Caprica was destroyed, they were able to save her ovary. He then goes to the door and comes back with a little girl. He tells Kara that the girl's name is Kacey and that Kara is her mother. Kara is speechless.

Act 6:
On Pegasus, Dee says that Adama has chosen to send a liaison to New Caprica and can't believe who it is. Lee reads the report and orders a Raptor to Galactica.

Lee says that she's a Cylon and that it's a mistake. Adama says then it'll be his mistake. Lee says that the 2,000 on the ships are the "safe bet." Adama says that he can't leave the others behind on New Caprica. He tells Lee that Pegasus stays with the civilian fleet. He is going back for the people who were down on the planet by their own choice, but he can't live with the knowledge of leaving them behind.

Leoben tells Kara that he fertilized the ovary and a human female carried it to term. He says that there is food on the table and that she should feed Kacey. He leaves. Kara doesn't want to be left with "this." She tells Kacey that she is not her mother.

Roslin tells Tigh to stop the suicide bombings. He asks if she is working for the Cylons now. She slaps him as Anders walks in. She apologizes. Tigh says that little things like the slap don't matter anymore. He says that he's going to do whatever it takes to disrupt the Cylons so they don't look for Galactica, so she can keep her moralizing.

Outside the detention cells, Galactica Sharon Reborn and Baltar's Six Reborn talk. They aren't happy about the arrests. Baltar's Six Reborn says that they have to make a statement. Jammer interrupts, asking for Galactica Sharon Reborn. He stammers around and then tells Galactica Sharon Reborn that Cally was picked up.

Kara tries to distance herself from Kacey. Kacey tries to play with her. Kara puts her on the couch and then goes in the bathroom.

Kara starts to cries when she hears something.

Kara walks out and finds Kacey lying across the bottom steps with a pool of blood next to her.

Act 7:
Kacey lies in a hospital bed with her head bandaged.

Leoben walks in and gives Kara a drink. Kara accepts it. Leoben watches Kara look at Kacey.

Galactica Sharon Reborn walks into a cell. She greets Cally. Cally says that she wants a gun. Galactica Sharon Reborn asks if she is okay. Cally wants to know what she wants. Galactica Sharon Reborn says that she's happy for Cally and Tyrol . Cally wants to know if Sharon can get her out. Sharon isn't sure, so Cally wants her to leave.

A woman enters a power station. She alludes security, gets into the heart of the station and sets off a bomb.

The Cylon leadership meets in the presidential quarters. They report that nearly forty Cylons were killed and nearly half the city is without power. They argue about what to do. The Cylons have decided to execute the detainees. They want Baltar to sign the order. He refuses. His Six defends him. One of the Fives (Doral) puts a gun to his head. Baltar's Six Reborn stands up for him and gets shot in the head. One of the Cavils tells Baltar that she'll be back, but he won't if Doral shoots. Baltar still refuses. Baltar's Inner Six tells him to sign it even though he doesn't like it in order to survive. Baltar ends up signing.

Adama swears Sharon Agathon in as a lieutenant.

Helo is happy for Sharon .

On the Galactica hanger deck, Sharon asks how Adama could trust her. He says that he can't and that's what trust is about. He then wishes her good luck.

Ellen and her Brother Cavil have some small talk after having finished their latest "interlude." He wants her to tell him where Tigh is meeting with the insurgent leadership. Ellen tries to act like she doesn't know. Cavil says that they know and that's why he was released. Ellen says that she thought it was because of her. Cavil says, "that too," and then wants the place and time of the meeting.

Act 8:
Tyrol tells Tigh that Galactica is sending two Raptors, Marines and a liaison officer. Tigh wants to know who. Tyrol says that it's Sharon . Tigh can't believe it. They discuss where to meet the liaison. Ellen walks in and listens in. Anders and Tigh talk over a map and settle on the place. Tigh goes to burn the map and Ellen says that she'll take care of it. She palms the map. Tigh looks over.

Gaeta runs into the Presidential office and wants to know if Baltar signed the order. He says he did and he knows what it means.

Roslin is teaching when masked police walk in and ask for her.

Galactica Sharon Reborn and Caprica Three Reborn talk. Sharon doesn't want Cally killed. Caprica Three Reborn says that they agreed to it. Sharon looks up at Cally.

Roslin is loaded into a truck. Zarek climbs in next to her. He says that he's been in detention for four months since he told Baltar that he wasn't going to collaborate with the Cylons.

Caprica Sharon and the Marines land.

Sharon moves toward the rendezvous point, while Anders and the resistance members close in. They exchange a pre-arranged signal, Sharon moves across a river and Anders and Sharon greet one another.

The trucks full of the detainees move through the city. Gaeta checks the trucks.

Kara prays for Kacey to not die. Kacey wakes up.

The trucks pull over and Cavil orders everyone out to stretch their legs.

Sharon and Anders talk. She hears something. Cylon Centurions attack, killing several of the resistance as they all try to take cover.

Zarek asks Roslin if she tried to rig the election. She says that she did. He says that he wishes she had succeeded.

Jammer, still masked as a policeman, grabs Cally. He walks her to the edge of the group, cuts her bonds, tells her to run and not look back. He pushes her away and she slides down the hill and runs.

Back by the trucks, the detainees look up to see five Cylon Centurions walk over into view. They bring up their guns. Roslin and Zarek look at each other.

Cally runs through the woods as gunfire is heard.

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