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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Exodus, Part 2
Episode Number: 303
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Felix Alcala
Original Air Date: 10/20/06 on SciFi Channel
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Commander Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Gaius Baltar, Number Six (Baltar's Six Reborn), Number Eight (Galactica Boomer)
Recurring Characters That Appear: Caprica Three, Number Fives (Doral), Simons, Leoben, Helo, Tyrol, Dee, Anders, Ellen Tigh, Jammer, Maya, Tom Zarek, Kat, Hot Dog, Kelly, Seelix, Tory, Connor

Previously (Recap):
Oracle Selloi tells Number Three that Hera is still alive.

Roslin tells Anders that "Isis" is very important.

Anders tells Tigh that Ellen gave his map to the Cylons

Ellen says she did it because a Cavil said they were going to kill him.

Leoben shows Kara her "daughter" Kacey.

Tyrol defines the attack plan.

Adama tells Lee to take the Pegasus with the civilian fleet.

On Pegasus, Dee tells Lee that Hoshi is working up coordinates and the civilian captains want to meet with him. Lee admits that he's having trouble accepting the situation. Dee gives him a pep talk about Adama having pulled off other things. Dee observes that he's already lost hope. Lee is convinced that only one battlestar is not sufficient for what Adama is trying to do. Dee says that they have to push forward toward Earth, so the memory of Galactica and those who lived remains. She says that he's the commander of the fleet now and he'll do it. Lee says that he's proud to serve with her and her being his wife. His resolve has come back.

Anders says that he lost three men and it would have been worse if the Marines weren't on the ball. Tigh says he gets it. Anders says that the fate of everyone was almost ended. Anders says that Tigh knows what needs to be done. If Tigh can't do it, then someone else will. Anders then leaves. Tigh looks over at his wife who is sitting in a cell.

Act 1:
As Tigh picks up a cup, Ellen tells Tigh that she had to do it because of him. She says that she got him out of detention. He tells him that she went to the Cylons and got the "head" Cylon to notice her. She gave herself to him and even the map so that Tigh wouldn't be killed. She cries and leans over and hugs him. She says that she could use a drink and takes it from him. She takes a drink and tells him that he's always been there for her. She starts to get drowsy. She tells him that he was right in that they should have stayed on Galactica. Tigh tells her that he loves her. He lays her on the bench. He's apparently poisoned her.

On Colonial One, Baltar addresses the Cylon leadership. He wants to know where Roslin and Zarek are. He figures they are with Tigh bolstering the insurgents. Caprica Three wants to know what he'd have them do. Baltar says he wants them to leave. Caprica Three points out that the Cylon would become the nightmare told to children until the children went after the Cylon again. Gaeta then notices explosions.

Tory checks her watch and gives orders. Maya comes out with " Isis." Maya starts to give Tory a message for Roslin, but Tory tells her to tell Roslin herself.

Insurgence members open a weapons stash as Anders gives encouragement.

Outside the orbit of New Caprica, Galactica approaches its launch point.

Kat counts down to the Vipers breaking.

Racetrack counts down the deployment of drones.

In Galactica CIC, Adama and Helo watch the progress of the drones.

On Colonial One, Baltar is in despair. He's thinks it's all for nothing. Baltar's Six tries to encourage him, but it's no use. Just then, Galactica Sharon walks in and announces that two battlestars have jumped into orbit.

Act 2:
Vipers and Rapters fly near New Caprica.

Racetrack reports two basestars.

The Vipers spot Cylon Raiders closing in and they turn and run.

Leoben starts to leave. Kara wants to know what is going on. Leoben says that it's insurgents. Kara tries to stop him, but he knocks her unconscious with one blow.

Roslin and Zarek move through the city. Roslin heads for Colonial One. Zarek stops Jammer, recognizing him as someone who served on Galactica, gives him a sidearm and tells him to keep an eye on Roslin.

On Colonial One, reports come in that there were no battlestars. It was just drones and decoys

Adama orders the Galactica crew to brace for jump.

Tyrol and Tigh take cover as Cylon Centurions fire.

Galactica jumps into the atmosphere and goes into freefall. The Vipers launch and Galactica jumps out again.

The Vipers hit several key points.

The insurgents move out from their cover now that they Cylon Centurions have been neutralized.

A detention center is broken into by the insurgents and prisoners are released.

Anders finds Kara still unconscious. He carries her out.

On Galactica CIC, Adama bandages his hand as dradis comes back online. They find two basestars, but two more jump in. Adama says that they can't hold off four basestars.

Act 3:
Galactica takes heavy of damage. Adama does repairs himself in CIC. The damage report from Kelly and Helo is not good. They have no thrusters and no jump drive. Adama says that it's been an honor and they all stand around awaiting their fate.

Three basestars hammer Galactica at close range. Suddenly, Pegasus opens fire on the basestars.

Lee gets on the wireless and tells Adama to get his FTL engines online.

Adama first curses Lee, gives the repair order and then thanks Lee.

Lee orders Dee to take Pegasus into the center. She says that they won't last long.

Kara comes around. Anders tries to stop Kara from going back, but she wants to get Kacey. Anders chases her.

On Colonial One, the Cylon leadership decides it's time to leave. They move to evacuate on heavy raiders. Caprica Three says that she'll stay to set off the nuke. She offers Gaius a place since he was right and they were wrong. Baltar's Six tells him that they should go. Baltar wants to die. Gaeta says he'll get his wish and has a gun on Baltar.

Civilian ships are starting to take off from New Caprica.

Adama orders his Vipers on board. Galactica jumps as a basestar closes in. Pegasus continues to take heavy fire.

Gaeta and Baltar have a standoff. Baltar walks up to him and puts the gun to his head. Gaeta says that Baltar has one last chance to set things right. He tells him and Baltar's Six to stop Caprica Three from setting off the nuke.

On Pegasus CIC, Lee gives the order to abandon ship. He and Dee are the last to leave CIC. He turns and tells the empty ship thank you before walking out

Pegasus takes heavy damages as it collides with a basestar and explodes. The remnants of the ship slam into a second basestar.

In their apartment, Kara looks for Kacey. Leoben walks down the stairs with Kacey and says that he knew she'd be back because he had seen it.

Act 4:
Leoben walks down the stairs. Kara calls Kacey. Leoben wants Kara to say the words. She tells him that he wins. She tells him that she loves him. He smiles and steps closer. He wants her to say it again. She does. Then he wants her to say the rest. They kiss She wants to know if it was everything he wanted. He says it was. They kiss again. As they kiss, she takes out a knife and stabs him. He falls over. Kacey looks at Kara and then at Leoben. Anders arrives on the scene. Kara takes Kacey in her arms, goes up the stairs and says that she'll explain to him later.

Balter and Baltar's Six stand outside of Oracle Selloi's tent.

Inside the tent, Caprica Three is tearing the place apart and calling the Oracle a liar. A baby can be heard crying.

Outside, Baltar and Baltar's Six find Hera lying next to Maya's dead body. Baltar's Six recognizes her as Hera. Baltar takes her in his arms and she stops crying. Baltar's Six says that it's a miracle. Caprica Three walks up and wants the baby. He gives Hera to her. Baltar pulls out the gun, but Baltar's Six says that she won't set off the nuke now. She then turns to leave and Baltar follows her as Caprica Three walks off.

Roslin and Tory enter Colonial One with other civilians. Roslin sits at her desk and says that she is ready to go.

Galactica is back with the civilian fleet.

On the flight deck, Tyrol gives instructions. He spots Kara and says that he thought she was dead. She has Kacey. Tyrol wonders who she is and Anders wonders the same thing. Just then, a woman comes over and recognizes Kacey as her daughter. She thanks Kara for saving her from the Cylons. Kara is stunned.

Tigh steps out and looks around.

Adama welcomes Lee and Dee aboard. He then welcomes Tigh aboard. He tells Tigh that he brought them home and Tigh says "not all of them." Adama says he's sorry.

Everyone chants Adama's name and he's given a ride on their shoulders. Lee holds Dee as they watch. Kara and Tigh seem to be in a daze, each of their own. Gaeta can be seen standing near Tigh.

On Colonial One, Tory tells Roslin that Maya doesn't look to have made it and neither has the baby. Roslin says that is life.

Adama shaves his moustache.

Adama walks out into the corridor and takes in the din of a populated ship for a moment before walking off.

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