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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Measure of Salvation
Episode Number: 306
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Bill Eagles
Original Air Date: 11/10/06 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,420
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, President Roslin, Major Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Gaius Baltar, Caprica Six (Baltar's Six Reborn), Baltar's Inner Six, Sharon "Athena" Agathon
Recurring Characters That Appear: Caprica Three, Threes, Fives, Sixes, Eights, Leobens, Simons, Racetrack, Helo, Tyrol, Hot Dog, Gaeta

Previously (Recap):
Baltar and the Cylons talk about their finding Earth.

The Cylons report that the basestar sent to the Lion's nebula was infected by a virus.

Baltar boards the basestar and is told about the beacon.

Baltar lies and says that he saw nothing unusual.

Baltar's Six spots the beacon in recon photos.

Apollo, Athena and a team fly in on a Raptor to the basestar.

Apollo and Sharon find the basestar in poor condition.

The marines exit the Raptor and begin surveying the basestar.

Apollo reports that there is no sign of life and the basestar is powered one.

In Galactica CIC, Admiral Adama and Helo listen to the team.

The recon team reaches the Cylon control center. They find a number of dead humanoid Cylons. Apollo reports their findings back. Athena says she's going to try to access the database and bring up life support. Racetrack warns her, but she goes ahead anyway. She suddenly pulls her hand back. She says that she's okay, but that the connections are corroded. Suddenly, they realize that some of the Cylons are alive. They find five are alive: a Leoben, Simon, Doral, Six and Eight. The five crawl together and struggle to utter a prayer. The Eight tells Athena to save herself and get away from them. She asks what happened. The Eight tells her that they found a beacon that was infected and that they are all infected. Apollo reports back to Galactica that the Cylons were infected with a disease and the boarding party has been exposed.

Act 1:
In Galactica CIC, Doctor Cottle briefs Adama, Gaeta , Helo and Dee on quarantine procedures. Cottle wants to know about the prisoners. He says he'll need them to help him determine the cause of the disease.

As the boarding party flies back to Galactica, the basestar explodes.

Helo figures that it must have self destructed.

On the basestar, Caprica Three and Baltar's Six confront Baltar. They want to know how long he's planned to betray them. He pleads his case. Caprica Three says that they know the beacon. He says that it's all a misunderstanding and that he's sorry for not being so open. He stars to explain his theory for where it came from when two Centurions walk in. Caprica Three says that they think he knows more and that he should have told the truth.

In his imaginary seaside setting Gaius talks with his Inner Six. He doesn't like the pain. She says that it's all in his mind. He starts to scream.

Baltar's Six looks uncomfortable as she watches Baltar endure the pain. Caprica Three finally shuts the machine. She says that she didn't want to do it and neither did his Six. While, Caprica Three plays with a strand of his hair, Baltar looks at his Six and says, "I love you." Caprica Six shows the hint of a smile.

In quarantine, Hot Dog and Racetrack argue. Cottle interrupts their banter and announces that they are all clean because human are immune. Apollo orders every one out.

Doctor Cottle stops Athena from leaving. He tells her not yet.

Outside the quartantine, Helo waits for Athena. Cottle tells him that he hasn't done her bloodwork yet. Helo is offended. He calls to Athena and tells her that it'll be okay. He tells Cottle to tell him as soon as he knows something.

Athena sits alone in the quarantine area, worried.

Act 2:
In Galactica 's brig, Cottle enters the cell where the Cylons are being held. He selects the Doral and the guards pull him out.

Cottle briefs President Roslin, Admiral Adama, Helo and Apollo. He says that they are infected with a common disease carried by rats. Humanity developed an immunity years ago. He can keep them alive with a vaccine, but the Cylons' own antibodies break down the vaccine before it can completely cure them. Apollo argues for getting rid of them, but points out that they were praying a prayer that indicated imminent death without resurrection. Roslin thinks that one will want a second chance.

Admiral Adama talks with the Simon. He says that everything was infected. They were left behind out of fear of spreading the virus through resurrection. They were there because Baltar told them they were find a clue to finding Earth. Gaeta and Helo are present at the interrogation and are stunned that Baltar is alive. The Simon explains that Baltar's helping them.find Earth. He says the Cylons are looking for a new start. The Simon says that he's given them information and wants to know about the medicine. Adama says that Cottle will give it to them and the Simon is led out.

Lee starts laughing. Adama wants to know what he's laughing about and Lee says he thinks that he's found an answer to their problem. They can destroy the entire Cylon race.

On Colonial One, Adama briefs President Roslin on a plan to bait the Cylons. They will wait along a supply line. When the Cylons attack, they'll execute the prisoners who will be resurrected and spread the disease. A moral debate breaks out between President Roslin and Apollo on one side and Helo on the other. Apollo says that they are machines. Helo says that if they do it then they are no better than the Cylons. He says that the Cylons tried to live with them on New Caprica. Roslin bristles because Helo didn't live on New Caprica and didn't have that experience. Helo says that instead of looking at the moral consequences, they are keeping the argument aimed at him because he's married to a Cylon. He talks himself out and Roslin says that she'll take Helo and Apollo's points under consideration. Adama dismisses them and the two leave.

Act 3:
On the Cylon basestar, Baltar is still being subjected to torture.

Baltar's Inner Six tells him that she can guide him through it.

Caprica Three wants Baltar to tell him how the virus was invented.

Back in his projection, his Inner Six tells him that she knows that his mind wanders even during love making. She does her best to talk him through the pain.

Caprica Three turns the machine office. She wants to know about the virus. He says that he knows nothing about the virus and that it's coincidence. She doesn't believe in coincidence.

Baltar's Inner Six tells him to think of her as a Cylon, not a woman, as she undresses.

Baltar tells her that if God exists, then their knowledge is imperfect. He continues on, but Caprica Six doesn't believe him. She sticks some device into Baltar's ear.

Baltar's Inner Six distracts him with sex. They have some bizarre moment, which leads Baltar to cry out that he needs her to believe in him because he believes in her.

Caprica Three hears all this and seems stunned. She takes the device out of Baltar's ear.

Helo and Athena are reunited. She says that Hera's birth led to human cells getting into her body, which made her immune. He then breaks the news to her that the Cylon prisoners will be executed and dumped where a Cylon basestar and a Resurrection ship are nearby.

On Colonial One, President Roslin and Adama talk. Adama isn't so sure about using the virus as a weapon.

Back in their quarters, Athena says that she made a promise when she put on the uniform. Helo seems to want to do something to stop the genocide. Athena says that she gave her word and that she will keep it even if she ends up being the last living Cylon.

On Colonial One, Roslin says that biological weapons can be used by law in times of extreme circumstance. Adama backs down.

Act 4:
Galactica jumps away from the fleet.

(Caption: Region of Space)
Galactica jumps in.

Gaeta reports that there is no sign of Cylons.

Athena and Racetrack ready themselves in the Raptor.

Helo takes his dogtags off and climbs up a ladder.

Helo starts to unscrew a panel.

Tyrol stands on the flight deck.

Vipers launch.

Helo disconnects something and puts the panel back on.

In Galactica CIC, Cylon Raiders are spotted. A basestar and resurrection ship jump in..

Adama orders the execution of the prisoners.

The Vipers engage the Vipers.

Lee orders head shots.

The guard has trouble with the door. Lee overrides the door and opens it.

Lee goes in and finds that the Cylon prisoners are already dead.

Apollo reports to Adama that the Cylon prisoners are already dead and that they missed their window.

Adama orders the Vipers back.

Helo tells Athena that someone will be coming for him or her. He says that he loves his race and the ship, but he couldn't let it happen. Athena tells him that she loves him and always will.

In her quarters on Colonial One, Admiral Adama tells Roslin that the prisoners died of asphyxiation and that someone manually reversed the airflow. Roslin is sure that there are only one or two suspects. Adama says that there will be no investigation. Roslin doesn't like it. Adama goes on to say that Cottle thinks that the virus is similar to a simple contamination of a beacon left in their sick bay caused by little more than a sneeze. He also says that the virus is exactly like one from 3,000 years ago, which is about the time that the 13 th colony left for Kobol. Roslin realizes that they are track for Earth, but so are the Cylons.

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