President Moshe Katsav
September 12, 2001

President Katsav today (Wednesday) September 12, 2001, met the Jewish-American group CAMERA and expressed his shock at the terrorist attacks perpetrated yesterday in the United States.

President Katsav said that this is a turning point in the history of humanity. The world has changed and must be rebuilt from scratch on strong moral foundations. The President added he is not talking about a reaction or policy of destruction of terrorism, but rather the joining together of all the nations of the world in a determined struggle against terrorism, hate and war and against whoever does not join the struggle.

The attack in the United States is a declaration of war against the free world and against morality and justice, and it is forbidden to surrender. President Katsav emphasized that terrorism knows no borders and no state is immune to further terrorist activities in different corners of the world. The President expressed the fear that yesterday's events might strengthen the hands of the crazy assailants.

President Katsav noted that the atmosphere of terror created by some of the Islamic states such as Iran, Syria as well as the Palestinian Authority fosters incitement which leads to violence and terrorism.