International Response by Country:

9/11/01 - Foreign Minister Shimon Peres Expresses His Condolences to the United States
9/11/01 #2 - Foreign Minister Shimon Peres' Interview with Aaron Brown on CNN
9/12/01 - Foreign Minister Shimon Peres Suggests Forming an Anti-Terrorism Coalition
9/12/01 #2 - President Moshe Katsav's Statement on the Terrorist Attacks
9/12/01 #3 - Foreign Minister Shimon Peres' Interview on the Voice of Israel
9/16/01 - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Speaks Before the Knesset
9/20/01 - Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at US Congressional Hearing on Terrorism
9/21/01 - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Interview with CNN Jerusalem Bureau Chief
10/7/01 - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Statement on American Offensive Against Afghanistan
10/7/01 #2 - Foreign Minister Shimon Peres on CNN's Larry King Live

9/12/01 - Under-Secretary of State Mario Baccini's Interview with Il Mattino
9/13/01 - Foreign Minister Renato Ruggeiro's Speech at Foreign Affairs/Defence Committees
9/17/01 - Secretary-General Umberto Vattani's Interview in Il Secolo XIX
9/28/01 - Foreign Minister Renato Ruggiero's Speech Reporting His Washington Visit
10/4/01 - Foreign Minister Renato Ruggiero to the Joint Committees of the Chamber and the Senate
10/4/01 #2 - Undersecretary of State Margherita Boniver's Interview with IL SECOLO XIX

9/12/01 - Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's Statements on the Terrorist Attacks
9/19/01 - Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi Announces Policy Response to Terrorism
9/23/01 - Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi at Memorial Ceremony for All Victims
9/25/01 - Government of Japan's Response to the Attacks and Policy Against Terrorism
10/4/01 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Japanese Response to Terrorist Attacks

9/12/01 - King Abdullah II Statement on the Terrorist Attacks
9/12/01 #2 - King Abdullah II Interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC
9/12/01 #3 - King Abdullah II Interview with Paula Zahn on CNN
9/13/01 - King Abdullah II Interview with Bryant Gumbel on CBS
9/17/01 - King Abdullah II Interview with Jon Scott on Fox News
9/18/01 - King Abdullah II Interview on CNN's Larry King Live
9/28/01 - King Abdullah II Photo Op at the White House with President George W. Bush

9/11/01 - President Vicente Fox Quesada's Statement to the Media on the Attacks
10/4/01 - President Vicente Fox in Photo Op with US President George W. Bush
10/7/01 - President Vicente Fox Addresses the Nation on Offensive Against Afghanistan

9/13/01 - Royal Norwegian Embassy News: Norwegian Support for the U.S. and NATO
10/7/01 - Norway Supports Military Actions Against Afghanistan

9/11/01 - Government of Pakistan's Statement on the Terrorist Attacks
9/11/01#2 - President Pervez Musharraf's Message of Condolences to President George W. Bush
9/13/01 - President Pervez Musharraf's Statement on Terrorism and Pledge of Support
9/19/01 - President General Pervez Musharraf Addresses the Nation of Pakistan
10/2/01 - Ambassador to the UN Shamshad Ahmad on Measures to Eliminate Int'l Terrorism