President Costis Stephanopoulos
Prime Minister Costas Simitis
Joint Statement Condemning Terrorist Attacks
September 12, 2001

Tuesday's terrorist attacks in the United States were a crime against the ideals of a free and open society, Greek Prime Minister Costas Simitis said today, after a meeting with President Costis Stephanopoulos.

Reiterating Greece's support for the families of the victims, Simitis said the attacks in New York and Washington D.C. were a "heinous crime" regardless of the "banner raised by those who committed them".

"They are also a crime against the ideals of a free and open society," the premier said. "Such terrorist actions do not solve problems, but create new, different ones...They establish a new form of war that must not be accepted by any of us, because the victims are citizens who cannot defend themselves," he added.

Simitis and Stephanopoulos called for calm and 'coordinated confrontation' of the situation that has arisen from the attacks.

Stephanopoulos expressed "consternation" over the strikes and the unanswered questions they raise, and also his "concern" over the potential repercussions.

The President said that "coordinated defense against all such actions" was necessary, and "means for confronting such problems" needed to be sought, noting the "international indignation" over the attack.

Simitis said his meeting with the President was part of regular briefings between the two men, adding that the most part of Wednesday's discussion had naturally focused on the attacks in the US.

· Yesterday, the Greek Government, offered to send to the US special teams to assist in the search and rescue operations and to provide any other assistance that might be needed.