President Vladimir Putin
Statement on the Terrorist Acts in the US
Moscow, Russia
September 12, 2001

The United States today faced an unprecedented act of aggression on the part of international terrorism.

First of all, I express sincere and profound condolences to all the victims and the families of the dead.

The event that occurred in the US today goes beyond national borders. It is a brazen challenge to the whole humanity, at least to civilized humanity. And what happened today is added proof of the relevance of the Russian proposal to pool the efforts of the international community in the struggle against terrorism, that plague of the 21st century.

Russia knows at first hand what terrorism is. So, we understand as well as anyone the feelings of the American people. Addressing the people of the United States on behalf of Russia I would like to say that we are with you, we entirely and fully share and experience your pain. We support you.


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