President K. R. Narayanan's Letter to President Bush
New Delhi, India
September 12, 2001

Dear Mr. President,

It is with a sense of grief and great indignation that I convey my condolence and sympathy for the immense tragedy that has resulted from the barbaric terrorist attack on the United States. This reprehensible act is a crime not just against the United States, but against all humanity.

The images of the horror perpetrated in New York and Washington D.C. will remain etched on our collective consciousness of the world as a signal that terrorism has become the greatest threat of our times. It is not constrained by distance and resources, restricted by boundaries or bound by any civilised norms in wreaking devastation. The world community must rise as one to respond decisively to this collective challenge to the peace, security and progress of the entire mankind.

I am sure that your Government and the people will address this grave assault on the United States with sagacity, courage and firm resolve. We stand united with the American people in this hour of grief.