Prime Minister Jean Chrétien
Ottawa, Ontaria
September 12, 2001

I spoke early this morning with President Bush. I reiterated directly to him the sincerest condolences of the Canadian people for the horrific attacks yesterday on innocent Americans and our offer of any security or humanitarian assistance that the United States may need. I also told him that, as our closest friend and partner, America could count on our complete support and solidarity in the days to come.

He asked that I let the Canadian people know how grateful he and the American people are for the assistance that Canada has provided at this terrible time; particularly for the safe haven and warm hospitality we have given to diverted American air travellers. He said that at many points yesterday, during a very, very trying day, he was told of the extraordinary effort that Canadians have made.

I told him that the Government of Canada - on behalf of the Canadian people - would continue to coordinate its activities to deliver the most timely and effective assistance that we can.


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