Federal Response:

Statements and Transcripts of Briefings and Press Interviews from the U.S. Government have been organized using two methods:

1. By Agency

2. By Date (9/11/2001-10/31/2001)

Federal Agencies currently archived:

1. President George W. Bush: 104 Transcripts
Informal remarks, speeches, weekly radio addresses, interactions with the media (Q & A), executive orders, determination and proclamations

2. White House: 49 Transcripts
Briefings from the Press Secretary, the Office of Homeland Security, White House advisors and cabinet members;

3. CIA: 6 Transcripts

4. Department of Defense: 130 Transcripts
Briefings on Operation Enduring Freedom and interviews by senior Pentagon officials;

5. Department of Justice: 34 Transcripts
Transcripts from Attorney General John Ashcroft and the FBI;

6. Department of State: 96 Transcripts
Daily briefings and interviews by Secretary of State Colin Powell;

7. Department of Transportation: 17 Transcripts
Transcripts from the office of Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta and the FAA;