Sergei Lavrov, Ambassador to the United Nations
September 12, 2001

The USA has encountered an unprecedented act of aggression on the part of international terrorism.

On behalf of the Russian leadership we express sincere and deeply-felt condolences to all the victims, their families, the people and government of the USA.

Yesterday's event in the United States goes beyond national borders. This is an impudent challenge to all mankind. And what happened on September 11 once more underlines the urgency of the task of combining the efforts of the international community to fight terror, this plague of the 21st century. This task was set in UN Security Council Resolution 1269, unanimously adopted on Russia's initiative. Yesterday's statement by the Council and the resolution being adopted today unambiguously confirm the determination of its members to do everything they can not to let a single terrorist act go unpunished and to redouble their efforts to prevent and eradicate terrorism.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his statement on September 11:

"Russia knows not through hearsay what is terror. And therefore we best understand the feelings of the American people and, addressing on behalf of Russia the people of the United States, I want to say that we are with you, we wholly and entirely share and feel your pain. We support you."


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