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ER Season 7 Episodes:
Episode 1: Homecoming; Written by Jack Orman; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 10/12/00
A hospital custodians' strike creates chaos. More chaos: high school footballers brawl in the ER. Also: Greene and Corday return from vacation with poison ivy. Carter departs rehap...with maybe a touch of attitude.

Episode 2: Sand and Water; Written by Jack Orman; Directed by Christopher Misiano; 10/19/00
He'll be monitored, questioned constantly evaluated: Carter agrees to return to County General. And Abby agrees to be his AA sponsor. Also in agreement: Greene and Corday plan to marry.

Episode 3: Mars Attacks; Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by Parker Barclay; 10/26/00
On s short-staffed day, Weaver limits Carter's tasks. Kovac needs Abby to do procedures she's not cleared to do. Benton learns Romano bounced him. Injured attendees from a sci-fi convention are rushed in.

Episode 4: Benton Backwards; Written by Dee Johnson; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 11/2/00
Romano offers a per diem position to Benton. It has no benefits, no stature and a humbled Benton is forced to accept. Also: Kovac lethally pounds a mugger who confronts him and Abby.

Episode 5: Flight of Fancy; Written by Joe Sachs & Walon Green; Director: Lesli Linka Glatter; 11/9/00
The tragedy of teens diagnosed as HIV-positive is compounded by a fatal street accident. Lovers united: A med-emergency flight is followed by the transported patients's wedding in the ER.

Episode 6: The Visit; Written by John Wells; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 11/16/00
Abby's manic-depressive mother unexpectedly shows up. Benton desperately tries to save the life of his nephew, a gunshot victim. Against advice, Chen wants to give her baby up for adoption.

Episode 7: Rescue Me; Written by Neal Baer; Directed by Christopher Chulack; 11/23/00
It's Thanksgiving. Or is it Mother's Day? Maggie won't leave unless Abby talks to her. chen's mother learns her daughter is pregnant, and Corday finds she's also a mother-to-be. Greene gets tragic news.

Episode 8: The Dance We Do; Written by Jack Orman; Directed by Christopher Misiano; 12/7/00
Corday lies at her deposition. Some things can't: Greene reveals his illeness. Maggie, increasingly unstable, bolts town. Benton betrays a trust to finger his nephew's killer.

Episode 9: The Greatest of Gifts; Written by Elizabeth Hunter; Director: Jonathan Kaplan; 12/14/00
Chen gives birth, then turns her newborn over to his eager adoptive parents, the Reeds. Greene and Corday find hope in NYC. Carter yields to a vial of Viodin, then reneges.

Episode 10: Piece of Mind; Writers: Tom Garrigus & R. Scott Gemmill; Director: David Nutter; 1/4/01
He's scared, reluctant, alone. Greene's sugery gives him a new perspective on what it's like to be a patent. A traffic accident results in a devoted father and his hockey-playing son coming to the ER.

Episode 11: Rock, Paper, Scissors
; Written by Dee Johnson; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 1/11/01
An unexpected settlement ends the malpractice suit, but an encounter with the plantiff shatters Corday's confidence. Kovac harshly treats a dying DUI suspect. Benton seeks foster care for Kynesha.

Episode 12: Surrender;
Teleplay by Jack Orman; Written by R. Scott Gemmill & Joe Sachs; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 2/8/01
Benton receives a pay boost he needs and a position he doesn't want. Corday regains her courage under fire. Carter admits his flaws. Weaver realizes a by-the-book decision she made led to tragedy.

Episode 13: Thy Will Be Done; 2/8/01
Teleplay by Meredith Stiehm; Story by Meredith Stiehm & Joe Sachs; Directed by Richard Thorpe;
A 16-year-old does not want a third heart transplant, and Kovac cannot override the parents' decision. He can help Bishop Stewart fulfill his wish to keep working...and die with dignity when the time comes.

Episode 14: A Walk in the Woods; Written and Directed by Jack Wells; 2/15/01
As Bishop Stewart faces his end of days, Kovac reflects on his own past. Benton tries to help an African American med-school applicant whose background is similar to his own. Greene undergoes competency tests.

Episode 15: The Crossing; Written by Jack Orman; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 2/22/01
Helicopter, jackhammers, torches, saws, catastophe - an ER triage team scurries to save lives amid the twisted wreckage of a derailed commuter train. Bishop Stewart dies, but not before conseling Kovac.

Episode 16: Witch Hunt; Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by Guy Norman Bee; 3/1/01
Will Weaver be outed? An inquiry into a charge of sexual harassment against Legaspi has Kerry scrambling to distance herself from her secret lover. An infant under Abby's care goes missing.

Episode 17: Survival of the Fittest;
Teleplay by Joe Sachs; Story by Elizabeth Hunter; Directed by Marita Grabiak; 3/29/01
A busload of fume-sickened kids is triaged. The ER is a crime scene after a policewoman shoots a gun-wielding woman suffering from dementia. Corday completes a long surgery, then declares it's time for maternity leave.

Episode 18: April Showers; 4/19/01
Teleplay by Tom Garrigus; Story by Tom Garrigus & Dee Johnson; Directed by Christopher Misiano;
It's Corday and Greene's wedding day. After heavy rain, clogged traffic and bickering accident victims. Greene - drenched, battered and eager - arrives by ambulance at the church.

Episode 19: Sailing Away; Written by Jack Orman & Meredith Steihm; Directed by Laura Innes; 4/26/01
Maggie is located outside Tulsa, and Carter joins Abby on a road trip to bring the mentally ill woman to Chicago. Benton treates the teacher who first interested him in science. Corday gives birth to Ella.

Episode 20: Fear of Commitment; Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by Anthony Edwards; 5/3/01
Maggie reists institutionalization, and a judge must decide. Weaver tries to convince a former TV puppeteer to undergo hostpical care. A reluctant father-to-be secretly uses herbs so his girlfriend will miscarry.

Episode 21: Where the Heart Is;
Written by Dee Johnson & Meredith Steihm; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 5/10/01
Maggie, now taking medication, plans to go home. Weaver tries to explain to a mentally disabled woman that her brother/caretaker has died and she can no longer live at home. Greene refuses to let a battered boy return home, placing him in protective custody... and infuriating the boy's father.

Episode 22: Rampage;
Teleplay by Jack Orman; Story by Jack Orman & Joe Sachs; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 5/17/01
The father enraged by the protective-custody decision goes on a shooting spree, claiming victims in a pattern that, Greene realizes, is intentionally drawing closer to his home, his wife, and baby Ella. Weaver comes out. Finch accidentally cuts her hand on a broken tube of AIDS-tainted blood. original content and design Copyright © 1999- Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement.