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ER Season 12 Episodes:
Episode 1: Canon City; Written by John Wells, Joe Sachs & Lisa Zwerling; Directed by Christopher Chulack; 9/22/05
Sam and Luka head west in a search for her runaway son, a preteen diabetic. Back in the ER, tensions build among MDs, nurses and new interns over patients with complications.

Episode 2: Nobody's Baby; Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by Laura Innes; 9/29/05
Danny Glover reappears as Pratt's dad in a bittersweet encounter.A difficult baby delivery preoccupies Ray. A preteen's neurological distress busies Abby.

Episode 3: Man With No Name; Written by David Zabel; Directed by Christopher Chulack; 10/6/05
A forceful nurse manager intrudes upon the disruptive Kovac-Sam split and several ER cases, including an intoxicated minor. A female cancer patient preoccupies Abby.

Episode 4: Blame It on the Rain; Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by Paul McCrane; 10/13/05
In the wake of heavy rains, the ER is flooded with diverse patients including a baby injured in a suspicious car crash with her mom, a heart-attack victim visited by his sex therapist and a comatose nursing-home resident.

Episode 5: Wake Up; Written by Julie Sherman Barrois; Directed by Arthur Albert; 10/20/05
Dr. Victor Clemente, a zealous and peppery attending physician out to make the ER more efficient, arrives and energizing the staff is his first order of business. Kovac bonds with a revived comatose patient. Pratt rebukes his regretful father.

Episode 6: Dream House; Written by David Zabel; Directed by Stephen Cragg; 11/3/05
An ill chimp busies Clemente, who enlists help from staffers. A termination embroils Sam. A rift with Chaz provokes Pratt. The diagnosis of a sexual disease has an impact on Ray.

Episode 7: The Human Shield; Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by Laura Innes; 11/10/05
Gunshot wounds occupy the ER following a street battle between cops and a kidnapper trapped with his hostage: a 10-year-old girl gravely injured in the fray. Her treatment sparks a dispute pitting Clemente against Kovac.

Epsiode 8: Two Ships; Written by Joe Sachs & Virgil Williams; Directed by Christopher Chulack; 11/17/05
While on a routine paramedic run with Gates, Neela rushes to a burning building, the site of a plane crash where dozens of people are trapped. Meanwhile, Abby doesn't know what to make of the surprising twist in her love life. Pratt encounters a patient who has lost his will to live.

Episode 9: I Do; Written by Lydia Woodward; Directed by Gloria Muzio; 12/1/05
The staff gets caught up in a whirlwind of excitement when word spreads that Gallant has proposed to Neela, but Neela quickly develops cold feet. Meanwhile, the doctors deal with a mother who won't cooperate in getting treatment for her seriously ill child. Kovac and Clemente's ongoing rivalry continues as they vie for the same job.

Episode 10: All About Christmas Eve; Written by Janine Sherman Barrois; Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter; 12/8/05
It's Christmas Eve in the ER, but all is not calm as Pratt and Weaver try desperately to save a little girl who's been shot by a stray bullet. Meanwhile, Eve gets into hot water when she punches a disruptive patient. Halehholds choir tryouts. Abby has some surprising news for Kovac.

Episode 11: IF Not Now; Written by David Zabel; Directed by John E. Gallagher III; 1/6/06
Abby and Kovac agonize over what to do about her pregnancy, while Neela counsels an expectant teenager. Clemente gets a visit from the police as they investigate a past incident. Weaver takes a nasty spill on the ice.

Episode 12: Split Decisions; Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 1/12/06
Left in charge of the ER, an overwhelmed Dr. Dubenko oversees the case of a terminally ill elderly woman whose devoted husband wants to keep her alive. Ray intervenes when Zoe is beaten by her father. Gallant has a stunning announcement for Neela.

Episode 13: Body and Soul; Written by Joe Sachs; Directed by Paul McCrane; 2/2/06
Abby has a hard time dealing with the fact that her former medical-school professor and mentor is suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease and has come to the ER with a serious bout of pneumonia.

Episode 14: Quintessence of Dust; Written by David Zabel & Lisa Zwerling; Directed by Joanna Kerns; 2/9/06
When Clemente's married girlfriend finally seeks a divorce, her husband vows revenge. Luka and Abby await test results on their unborn child. Pratt ends up with an unexpected suitor when he participates in a charity bachelor auction.

Episode 15: Darfur; Written by Janine Sherman Barrois; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 3/2/06
In the Sudan, Carter and a colleague struggle to save a woman who was raped by a band of militants. Back in the ER, Clemente asks to return to work after the shooting incident, but Kovac refuses. Pratt and Neela work on a young victim of a car accident.

Episode 16: Out on a Limb; Written by Karen Maser; Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter; 3/16/06
Dr. Weaver reluctantly considers having hip-replacement surgery after she realizes she can no longer function properly in the ER. Sam receives an interesting job offer from a charming patient. Two teens arrive at the hospital with a possible infectious disease.

Episode 17: Lost in America; Written by Lisa Zwerling; Directed by Steven Cragg; 3/23/06
The doctors work feverishly to save a young Turkish woman with multiple stab wounds and are horrified to learn of the origins of her injuries. Sam accepts a part-time job working for Richard Elliott. Clemente doesn't feel the love on his first day back at work.Neela is nervous about giving a speech at a surgeon's convention.

Episode 18: Strange Bedfellows; Written by Virgil Williams; Directed by Laura Innes; 3/30/06
A case involving two teens injured in a car accident proves baffling as the doctors try to determine why the girl is unconscious and why her male companion is so hostile toward the police. Neela copes with a visit from Michael's bickering parents. Kovac makes Pratt an offer he can't refuse. Sam enjoys the perks of working for Elliott. Ray struggles with some unresolved feelings for Neela.

Episode 19: No Place to Hide; Written by Lydia Woodward; Directed by Skipp Suddeth; 4/27/06
Abby treats a grandmother and her precocious granddaughter after a minor car accident, but she soon realizes there's something profoundly wrong with the older woman. Sam tends to her jailed ex-husband when he's brought into the ER for an ailment everyone thinks is fake. Pratt's first moments in Africa are tense and unsettling. Albright and Morris clash over a patient.

Episode 20: There Are No Angels Here; Written by R. Scott Gemmill & David Zabel; Directed by Christopher Chulack; 5/4/06
In Darfur, Pratt and Carter treat a wounded sheik and his pregnant wife, who ends up needing to be moved to another medical facility in the middle of the night. During the journey, Pratt's stubborn arrogance takes over when he faces gun-toting militants.

Episode 21: The Gallant Hero and the Tragic Victor; Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by Steve Still; 5/11/06
Neela receives some good news about her surgical residency, but that's soon tempered by a tragedy that rocks the ER. Pratt is troubled by a child-abuse case. Clemente's peculiar behavior alarms Luka.

Episode 22: 21 Guns; Written by David Zabel; Directed by Nelson McCormick; 5/18/06
Chaos reigns in the ER when two prisoners are brought in for treatment, but instead plot a violent escape---and staff members are caught in the middle. original content and design Copyright © 1999- Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement.