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ER Season 3 Episodes:
Episode 1: Dr. Carter, I Presume; Written by John Wells; Directed by Chris Chulack; 9/26/96
As Dr. Carter reports for the first day of his surgical residency, he is assigned to replace Benton as the ER's surgical consultant. Benton and Jeanie learn the results of their HIV tests, and Weaver plunges into her new duties as attending physician, making life miserable for everyone. Ross shocks the staff with his latest companion, and Hathaway runs into Shep - and his new girlfriend - at a softball game.

Episode 2: Let the Games Begin; Written by Lydia Woodward; Directed by Tom Moore; 10/3/96
The staff nervously awaits the county's decision on which area hospital will permanently close its doors. A new chief of staff comes aboard and threatens to make life unbearable for everyone.

Episode 3: Don't Ask, Don't Tell; Writers: Paul Manning & Jason Cahill; Director: Perry Lang; 10/10/96
Anspaugh makes life hellish for everyone by implementing patient quotas for each doctor. Benton and Jeanie square off concerning her HIV status and whether she should continue to work. Greene is befuddled by Lewis's invitation to go on a joint vacation.

Episode 4: Last Call; Written by Samantha Howard Corbin; Story by Samantha Howard Corbin & Carol Flint; Directed by Rod Holcomb; 10/17/96
Ross picks up a woman at a bar. When she's too drunk to drive home, he volunteers to take her. On the way, she's stricken with a seizure and Ross rushes her to the ER. While she fights for her life, he battles his private demons and his colleagues, who are shocked to learn he doesn't even know her name.

Episode 5: Ghosts; Written by Neal Baer; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 10/31/96
On Halloween night, an 8-year-old girl and her dad fight for their lives after being involved in a hit-and-run accident. Ross and Hathaway get a jolt of life on the streets when they man the Health Mobile.

Episode 6: Fear of Flying; Written by Lance Gentile; Directed by Chris Chulack; 11/7/96
Greene and Lewis are the first to arrive at the scene of a truck's collision with a van, where they learn that the trucker is dead and a family (including a 7-year-old boy and a 10-day-old girl) has suffered severe injuries. Although the family is freed from the wreckage, the tragedy escalates at the hospital because of the inexperience - and arrogance - of a nurse and Benton's stubborn behavior.

Episode 7: No Brain, No Gain; Written by Paul Manning; Directed by David Nutter; 11/14/96
Benton tries to save a young gang member who has already been pronounced dead by Ross. Greene suspects that Lewis is dating Morgenstern, and Carter becomes involved in a surprising relationship.

Episode 8: Union Station; Written by Carol Flint; Directed by Tom Moore; 11/21/96
Lewis prepares to leave for Phoenix, while Greene struggles with whether to tell her how he feels. Doyle becomes outraged at a pregnant woman who tried to kill her unborn baby. Al surprises Jeanie with an unexpected act of kindness.

Episode 9: Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies;
Written by Barbara Hall; Story by Neal Baer & Lydia Woodward; Directed by Paris Barclay; 12/12/96
Greene makes life miserable for everyone with his new no-nonsense leadership style, and goes into Jeanie's private file to learn whether she's HIV-positive, which leads to a volatile confrontation. Keaton surprises Carter with her traveling plans.

Episode 10: Homeless for the Holidays;
Written by Samantha Howard Corbin; Directed by Davis Guggenheim; 12/19/96
Greene and Weaver try to hammer out a policy concerning workers with HIV, as rumors fly over which staff member tested positive for the disease. Charlie brings in a critically ill baby she's caring for and Ross has an explosive run-in with the child's mother.

Episode 11: Night-Shift
; Written by Paul Manning; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 1/16/97
Greene puts his job on the line when he treats a mentally incompetent woman without her consent. Gant seeks help from Anspaugh after Benton publicly berates him. Charlie arrives in the hospital and accuses Ross of abusing her.

Episode 12: Post Mortem; Written by Carol Flint; Directed by Jacque Toberen; 1/23/97
Carter and Benton exchange heated words in the aftermath of a tragedy and Ross learns some surprising information about Charlie's past. Meanwhile, Hathaway must deal with a nurses walkout.

Episode 13: Fortune's Fools; Written by Jason Cahill; Directed by Michael Katleman; 1/30/97
Benton refuses to seek help following Gant's death, despite a growing listlessness that becomes apparent to everyone, especially Carter, who confronts him. Meanwhile, Greene and Weaver each shepherd a trio of prospective interns through the ER.

Episode 14: Whose Appy Now; Written by Neal Baer; Directed by Felix Alcala; 2/6/97
Greene sets up dates with three women for the same night. Ross ponders whether to honor a 17-year-old's wish to not be resuscitated. Benton complains of abdominal pains and is whisked into surgery.

Episode 15: The Long Way Around; Written by Lydia Woodward; Directed by Chris Chulack; 2/13/97
Moments after Carol strolls into a local market, two thugs announce a holdup. The store's owner brandishes a rifle and shots ring out, leaving the owner and one of the hoods critically wounded. With cops swarming outside, victims bleeding inside and the customers held hostage, Hathaway summons her courage to help keep the wounded alive and prevent further casualties.

Episode 16: Faith; Written by John Wells; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 2/20/97
Greene and Doyle try to persuade an unyielding Pomerantz to place a woman with Down syndrome on the heart-transplant list. Fischer shocks Jeanie with a surprising request. An 18-year-old with cystic fibrosis asks Ross to take him off life support.

Episode 17: Tribes; Written by Lance Gentile; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 4/10/97
Two teen gunshot victims, one white, one black, arrive in the E.R., and Greene is accused of being racially biased in his treatment by one of the victim's brothers. Carla, six months pregnant, comes in for treatment after being in a minor car accident.

Episode 18: You Bet Your Life; Written by Paul Manning; Directed by Chris Chulack; 4/17/97
Benton goes into Carla's private hospital files when he fears that something may be wrong with their baby. Jeanie treats a suicidal woman who reveals a surprising secret. Greene learns that Rachel has been lying about her health.

Episode 19: Calling Dr. Hathaway;
Written by John Cahill & Samantha Howard Corbin; Story by Nael Baer; Director: Paris Barclay; 4/24/97
Hathaway receives her medical exam score and must decide whether to pursue medical school. Ross tries valiantly to save a 2-year-old boy's life. Carter catches Dale falsifying a patient's record and considers turning him in.

Episode 20: Random Acts; Written by Carol Flint; Directed by Jonathan Robert Kaplan; 5/1/97
Jeanie is faced with a dilemma when she agrees to ask Fischer to approve Al for an experimental AIDS-treatment program. Hathaway accuses Ross of preferential treatment in regards to the child of a wealthy businessman. Carter and Benton assist in a kidney transplant operation.

Episode 21: Make a Wish;
Written by Lydia Woodward; Story by Joe Sachs; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 5/8/97
Benton and Carla fear for their baby's life when complications arise and the child is born two months prematurely. Carter rethinks his plans to be a surgeon; and Ross invites Hathaway out for her birthday.

Episode 22: One More For the Road; Written by John Wells; Directed by Chris Chulack; 5/15/97
Benton and Carla ponder their uncertain future together as they watch their premature son struggle for life. Greene suffers psychological aftereffects from his traumatic attack. Carter incurs Anspaugh's wrath when he requests permission to leave the surgical program. Charlie resurfaces. Both Ross and Hathaway pursue relationships with co-workers. original content and design Copyright © 1999- Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement.