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ER Season 6 Episodes:
Episode 1: Leave It to Weaver; Written by Lydia Woodward; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 9/30/99
Greene and Weaver agree to go out on a limb to oppose Romano's appointment as chief of staff. Soon Greene finds he's alone...hanging by his nails. Plus: Luka Kovac is an able, yet untrusted, physician.

Episode 2: Last Rites; Written by Jack Orman; Directed by Felix Enriquez Alcala; 10/7/99
Who's the boss? Weaver maybe head of the ER, but Greene has his own ideas about how to handle situations. Boulet says "yes" to Reggie...and Corday accepts Romano's surprising offer.

Episode 3: Greene with Envy; Written by Patrick Harbinson; Directed by Peter Markle; 10/14/99
Newly appointed attending physician Gabriel Lawrence is savvy, personable, and in Greene's jealous opinion, unsuitable for County. Jeanie and Reggie marry...not under circumstances they expected.

Episode 4: Sins of the Fathers; Written by Doug Palau; Directed by Ken Kwapis; 10/21/99
Long-distance MD: Via phone. Greene deals with fallout from his dad's car accident. Lawrence suspects a teen's suicide attempt is the fallout from father-son strife. Finch misdiagnoses a child's iron overdose.

Episode 5: Truth & Consequences; Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by Steve De Jarnatt; 11/4/99
A high school science experiment-gone-wrong lands students and teacher in the ER - and the stress of multiple emergencies pushes Lawrence over the edge.

Episode 6: The Peace of Wild Things; Written by John Wells; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 11/11/99
Endings. Boulet resigns to be a full-time mother. An elderly woman bids farewell to her dying husband. And Lawrence admits he's in the early stages of Alzheimer's...and that his distinguished career is over.

Episode 7: Humpty Dumpty; Written by Neal Baer; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 11/18/99
Lawrence departs (but not before saving a life), and Kovac comes aboard full time. Corday discovers her new trauma patient is a rapist. And the Bright Star Gospel Choir is rushed to the ER.

Episode 8: Great Expectations; Written by Jack Orman; Directed by Christopher Misiano; 11/25/99
It's Thanksgiving, and Hathaway has two more reasons to give thanks after overcoming complications and delivering twins Tess and Kate. Greene's family celebration comes with its own complications.

Episode 9: How the Finch Stole Christmas; Written by Linda Gase; Director: Fred Einesman; 12/16/99
Lucy Knight risks Romano's wrath to arrange a heart operation for a patient. Carter gives gifts to ghetto kids in exchange for their guns. Finch uses her authority to put a teen binge drinker in rehab.

Episode 10: Family Matters; Written by Patrick Harbinson; Directed by Anthony Edwards; 1/6/00
Deb Chen returns to the ER as Jing-Mei Chen. Kovac's strong sense of family involves him in the fate of brothers facing separation. Greene invites his dad to reside with him in Chicago.

Episode 11: The Domino Heart
; Written by Joe Sachs; Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter; 1/13/00
A precious donor heart becomes available when a patient who recently received it dies. Malucci gathers evidence to shut down a backroom clinic. Carter and Chen disagree on bending the rules.

Episode 12: Abby Road; Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 2/3/00
A new road: Abby Lockhart, the part-time OB nurse who cared for Hathaway, reports to the ER for her third-year med-student rotation. Hathaway has a hunch that a young patient's problem is his mother.

Episode 13: Be Still My Heart; Written by Lydia Woodward; Directed by Laura Innes; 2/10/00
Valentine's Day includes an operation on Romano's dog, a car crash that leaves two children orphaned and Carter and Knight lying in pools of blood after they're attacked by a schizophrenic patient.

Episode 14: All in the Family; Written by Jack Orman; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 2/17/00
Weaver finds Carter and Knight, and the grief-stricken crew works ferverishly to save their grievously wounded colleagues. Then the deranged assailant is brought in, the victim of a car accident.

Episode 15: Be Patient; Written by Sandy Kroopf; Directed by Ken Kwapis; 2/24/00
Tough times. Carter struggles with rehab, a child is injured in a hit and run and a sex-partying teen has cervical cancer. Even a happy event, a romance between Isabelle and David, turns sad when Greene learns his dad is terminally ill.

Episode 16: Under Control; Written by Neal Baer & Joe Sachs; Director: Christopher Misiano; 3/23/00
"We can handle this." This, it turns out, involves a gila monster, toxic breast milk, a deadly error and much more as Greene oversees a particularly hectic shift. Carter, despite his pain, returns to work.

Episode 17: Viable Options; Written by Patrick Harbinson; Directed by Marita Grabiak; 4/6/00
Kovac and Corday must select a recipient while a kidney organ is still viable. Weaver defies Romano and is suspended. Benton's careless penmanship results in a patient taking the wrong drugs.

Episode 18: Match Made in Heaven; Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 4/13/00
A notice of Knight's acceptance into psych residency deepens Carter's remorse. Greene cares for his dad. Hathaway has news from Ross. And an overwhelmed mother tries to induce a miscarriage.

Episode 19: The Fastest Year; Written by Lydia Woodward; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 4/27/00
After his father reminisces about his Navy days, Greene takes him on a final boat ride on Lake Michigan. Meanwhile, Carter is haunted byterrifying thoughts of the attack that almost killed him.

Episode 20: Loose Ends; Written by Neal Baer; Directed by Kevin Hooks; 5/4/00
Malucci treats a little girl who was molested by her father. Hathaway's birthday is anything but happy. Benton and Kovac clash. Greene and his dad manage to express their love just before the older man dies.

Episode 21: Such Sweet Sorrow; Written and Directed by John Wells; 5/11/00
Do open arms still await her in Seattle? Touched by a family tragedyat the ER, Hathaway realizes she must see Ross. Chen notices Carter's increasing unreliability and mood swings.

Episode 22: May Day; Written by Jack Orman; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 5/18/00
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