The Patriot Resource TV Series

ER Season 4 Episodes:
Episode 1: Ambush; Written by Carol Flint; Directed by Thomas Schlamme; 9/25/97
Someone is watching every move: A documentary film team follows Greene (who's still coping with having been savagely mugged) and the ER staff during a bustling day. Performed and broadcast live.

Episode 2: Something New; Written by Lydia Woodward; Directed by Christopher Chulack; 10/2/97
Dr. Corday learns the ropes. Greene hires a new (and maybe incompetent) desk clerk. Carter tries to mentor new student Henry. Benton and Carla settle on a name for their child.

Episode 3: Friendly Fire; Written by Walon Green; Directed by Felix Enriquez Alcala; 10/9/97
Jerry takes a look at a paramilitary weapon brought into the ER by a gun seller. It's not loaded, right? Weaver takes aim at ER operating costs, and Hathaway feels threatened when Corday flirts with Ross.

Episode 4: When the Bough Breaks; Written by Jack Orman; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 10/16/97
Children in a school bus accident overwhelm the ER. A crack addict goes into unexpected labor. Boulet takes risky solo action to save a patient. Carter and Benton's clash comes to a showdown.

Episode 5: Good Point; Written by David Mills; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 10/30/97
Fatigue, stress, personal problems, professional back-stabbing - it's great to a doctor! Greene confronts legal problems, Benton juggles work and parenting and a rival takes credit for Carter's life-saving idea.

Episode 6: Ground Zero; Written by Samantha Howard Corbin; Directed by Darnell Martin; 11/6/97
Weaver chops Boulet out of the budget. Benton games Corday. Refusing to help, Greene slips into the out of control zone. Ross's father dies in California.

Episode 7: Fathers and Sons; Written by John Wells; Directed by Christopher Chulack; 11/13/97
A journey through the path: Greene accompanies Ross to California, where Ross makes funeral arrangements for his dad and Greene makes an awkward drop-in on his parents.

Episode 8: Freak Show; Written by Neal Baer; Directed by Darnell Martin; 11/20/97
Good news: Patients swarm Hathaway's clinic. Bad news: Because of a scheduling error, they arrive a week before anyone is ready for them. Boulet takes a stand to keep her job.

Episode 9: Obstruction of Justice; Written by Lance Gentile; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 12/11/97
Boulet shows up for work though the previous day was officially her last. Carter defends a patient's rights and is jailed. Ross overrides Weaver's treatment of a man with sickle cell anemia.

Episode 10: Do You See What I See?;
Teleplay by Jack Orman; Story by Linda Gase; Directed by Sarah Pia Anderson; 12/18/97
Christmas Eve miracles: A blind man insists Benton's touch restored his sight. A patient's attitude inspires Greene to apologize to the family that sued him. Ross proposes to Hathaway.

Episode 11: Think Warm Thoughts
; Written by David Mills; Directed by Charles Haid; 1/8/98
The dead of winter is far from dead as Corday upends protocol. Carter tries to impress a student. An elderly woman is admitted, unaware that she's been raped. Hathaway downplays her engagement.

Episode 12: Sharp Relief; Written by Samantha Howard Corbin; Director: Christopher Chuluck; 1/15/98
Weaver sees Synergix's dark side. Carter helps his addicted cousin. Benton and Corday draw closer. A ride along with paramedic Powell makes Hathaway realize that she can't commit to Ross.

Episode 13: Carter's Choice; Written and Directed by John Wells; 1/29/97
Life in the ER is all about tough decisions. Carter makes a controversial choice about the treatment of a serial rapist. Ross comes to terms with Hathaway. Weaver acts on her misgivings about Synergix.

Episode 14: Family Practice; Written by Carol Flint; Directed by Charles Haid; 2/5/98
Greene is in San Diego to help during a family crisis, one compounded by the longtime rift between him and his father and by Cynthia's impulsive and unannounced arrival.

Episode 15: Exodus; Written by Walon Green & Joe Sachs; Directed by Chirstopher Chuluck; 2/26/98
An explosion in a chemical warehouse floods the ER with contaminated victims. When Weaver succumbs to the toxins, Carter takes over. Corday risks her life to save a man trapped in the rubble.

Episode 16: My Brother's Keeper; Written by Jack Orman; Directed by Jacque Toberen; 3/5/98
Family secrets: Carter faces his angry grandparents when Chase overdoses on heroin. Ross saves a little boy poisoned by his malevolent brother - who, in turn, may be a victim of his stepfather's abuse.

Episode 17: A Bloody War; Written by Linda Case; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 4/9/98
Full speed ahead, Corday. Her hemo-aid study conflicts with Romano's intentions, and her romantic play for Benton runs up against his attitudes about dating. Anspaugh's son needs a marrow match.

Episode 18: Gut Reaction; Written by Neal Baer; Directed by T.R. Babu Subramaniam; 4/16/98
Ross seeks an attending physician post. Benton risks his career by intervening in a procedure headed by Morgenstern. Carter is cut off from his trust fund. Del Amico learns she's a marrow match for a stranger.

Episode 19: Shades of Gray; Written by Samantha Howard Corbin; Directed by Lance Gentile; 4/23/98
Two crises of conscience: Del Amico freezes with indecision instead of helping a victim of an abortion clinic bombing. Morgenstern confronts his culpability in Dr. Swanson's death.

Episode 20: Of Past Regret and Future Fear; Writer: Jack Orman; Director: Anthony Edwards; 4/30/98
A lovely Sunday afternoon...but not in the ER. Romano puts the moves on Corday. Ross deals with a heroin-addicted baby. A young father with hours to live longs to see the daughter he abandoned.

Episode 21: Suffer the Little Children; Written by Walon Green; Director: Christopher Misiano; 5/7/98
How far is too far? Determined to help a drug-addicted infant, Ross secretly performs an urgent by unauthorized procedure...and is found out by Greene. A televangelist broadcasts from her ER bed.

Episode 22: A Hole in the Heart; Written by Lydia Woodward; Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter; 5/14/98
Ross's career is in jeopardy. Weaver copes with career frustration. Carter distrusts Del Amico's boyfriend. The fragmented ER staff rallies to treat a family shot and left for dead by its deranged father. original content and design Copyright © 1999- Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement.