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ER Season 2 Episodes:
Episode 1: Welcom Back, Carter!; Written by John Wells; Directed by Mimi Leder; 9/21/95
Carter draws the wrath of Benton when he reports late for his surgical sub-internship, and a new medical student tries to cope with a psychotic patient.

Episode 2: Summer Run; Written by Lydia Woodward; Directed by Eric Laneuville; 9/28/95
Hathaway tags along with a pair of paramedics. New chief resident Weaver riles some staffers with her brusque approach. Lewis has one of her worst days when she's stuck with Chloe's crying baby.

Episode 3: Do One, Teach One, Kill One; Written by Paul Manning; Directed by Felix Alcala; 10/5/95
Carter tries to impress Harper with his procedural knowledge with devastating results. Hathaway and Shepherd attempt to subdue a drug-crazed patient Ross treats a child with AIDS.

Episode 4: What Life?; Written by Carol Flint; Directed by Dean Parisot; 10/12/95
Carter is all smiles when he has to take over for Benton, who's injured his hand in a brawl. Lewis considers adopting Chloe's baby. Hathaway gets a scare when someone shoots at Shepherd during a rescue attempt.

Episode 5: And Baby Makes Two; Written by Anne Kenney; Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter; 10/19/95
Lewis meets with the proposed adoptive parents for Chloe's baby and must decide whether to go through with the adoption; Benton cares for an abused wife.

Episode 6: Days Like This; Written by Lydia Woodward; Directed by Mimi Leder; 12/2/95
Ross's job is on the line when he admits a patient against the orders of Dr. Bernstein. Jeanie is treated coolly by Benton on her first day as a physician assistant. Hathaway considers buying a house.

Episode 7: Hell and High Water; Written by Neal Baer; Directed by Chris Chulack; 11/9/95
With his professional and personal life at an all-time low, Ross is asked to rescue a 12-year-old trapped in a flooded culvert. He succeeds, but the youngster emerges suffering from hypothermia. Believing the boy needs immediate intensive-care treatment, Ross makes a critical and highly controversial decision regarding the boy's care.

Episode 8: The Secret Sharer; Written by Paul Manning; Directed by Thomas Schlamme; 11/16/95
Hathaway becomes the confidant of a 17-year-old who attempted suicide with an overdose. Greene dismisses Ross after Doug lies on a medical record and disputes Mark's judgment on a patient.

Episode 9: Home; Written by Tracey Stern; Directed by Donna Deitch; 12/7/95
Greene fears the worst when he receives news that Jennifer and Rachel were involved in a car accident; Hathaway befriends a schizophrenic who tells her about an interesting aspect of her new house.

Episode 10: A Miracle Happens Here; Written by Carol Flint; Directed by Mimi Leder; 12/14/95
A Holocaust survivor, injured during a carjacking, awaits word on the whereabouts of her missing infant grandchild. A priest tries to prevent a gang war after he's gunned down in his church.

Episode 11: Dead of Winter
; Written by John Wells; Directed by Whitney Ransick; 1/4/96
Twenty-two kids suffering from malnutrition are found in a run-down row house. Shep is accused of being a racist by Benton and Malik. Greene is served divorce papers. Al tries to get Jeanie to reconcile.

Episode 12: True Lies; Written by Lance Gentile; Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter; 1/25/96
Greene tries to avoid telling Rachel about the divorce. Benton invites Jeanie to an exclusive dinner party given by Vucelich.

Episode 13: It's Not Easy Being Greene; Written by Paul Manning; Directed by Chris Chulack; 2/1/96
Greene has a bad day: a patient's wife accuses him of killing her husband, then Morgenstern tries to get him to settle the O'Brian case by admitting he made a mistake. Meanwhile, Benton uncovers some disturbing information concerning Vucelich.

Episode 14: The Right Thing; Written by Lydia Woodward; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 2/8/96
Benton finds himself in a dilemma when he suspects that Vucelich is manipulating the research-study data. Rumors fly that Greene and Lewis are having an affair, and a dark side of Carter is revealed when he has a violent confrontation with an intoxicated patient.

Episode 15: Baby Shower; Writers:Belinda Casas-Wells & Carol Flint; Director: Barnet Kellman; 2/5/96
The emergency room is flooded with pregnant patients when the sprinkler system breaks in labor and delivery. Meanwhile, Ross visits his father.

Episode 16: The Healers; Written by John Wells; Directed by Mimi Leder; 2/22/96
Paramedics Shep and Raul attempt to rescue three children from a burning apartment building , and they quickly realize that there's no escape. Ross agrees to go to a Chicago Bulls game with his father.

Episode 17: The Match Game; Written by Neal Baer; Directed by Thomas Schlamme; 3/28/96
Ross faces an ethical dilemma when he must decide whether to tell a patient's grandfather that he missed a bone tumor on his grandson's X-ray four months earlier. Chloe wants custody of Susie.

Episode 18: A Shift in the Night; Written by Joe Sachs; Directed by Lance Gentile; 4/4/96
On Greene's fourth straight night on graveyard shift, he leads a skeleton crew through what becomes "the O'Hare of emergency rooms," overflowing with patients, including a battered woman who almost killed her husband.

Episode 19: Fire in the Belly; Written by Paul Manning; Directed by Felix Enriquez Alcala; 4/25/96
Ross treats a traumatized 8-year-old who witnessed his mother's murder. Carter uses deception to get a chance to perform a surgical procedure instead of Harper's more surgically experienced college friend. Greene goes on a date.

Episode 20: Fevers of Unknown Origin; Written by Carol Flint; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 5/2/96
Lewis throws herself into her work to deal with the loss of Suzie. Shep becomes more violent on the job. Ross gets closer to Karen while his father's away. Greene and Jen decide to bypass divorce lawyers.

Episode 21: Take These Broken Wings; Writer: Lydia Woodward; Director: Anthony Edwards; 5/9/96
Lewis visits a therapist to sort through her feelings in the wake of a tragedy. A conflicted Hathaway is faced with lying for Shep so that he can avoid disciplinary action. Jeanie receives disturbing news that has devastating consequences.

Episode 22: John Carter, M.D.; Written by John Wells; Directed by Chris Chulack; 5/16/96
Carter prepares for graduation but gets sidetracked when he comforts a frightened patient. Greene bargains with Weaver to approve Lewis as chief resident. Jeanie delivers Benton some potentially devastating news. original content and design Copyright © 1999- Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement.