The Patriot Resource TV Series

The District (2000-2004):
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Terry George

Craig T. Nelson
Lynne Thigpen
Roger Aaron Brown
Sean Patrick Thomas
Elizabeth Marvel
Jonathan LaPaglia
David O'Hara
... Creator

... Chief Jack Mannion
... Ella Mae Farmer
... Deputy Chief Joe Noland
... Det. Temple Page
... Officer Nancy Parras
... Det. Danny Debreno
... Det. Danny McGregor

Jack Mannion takes over the Washington D.C. police department with the task of lowering crime while dealing with politics and racial issues.

- Jack Mannion is the new chief with a hardline style
- Ella Mae Farmer is the chief's office manager and counselor.
- Deputy Chief Noland thought he would get promoted to chief.
- Temple Page is a young cop who is newly promoted to detective.
- Danny McGregor is an Irish cop whose has experienced battling the IRA back in his native Ireland.

This series is not cutting edge like some of the more recent crime/police dramas, but it has solid writing and a solid cast. As said, very little is fresh, except the nice package. Unlike much of its contemporaries, there is no envelope-pushing language, nudity or sexuality, which makes it more family friendly. original content and design Copyright © 1999- Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement.