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ER Season 10 Episodes:
Episode 1: Now What?; Written by John Wells; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 9/25/03
Welcome back...not. Carter's return from Africa isn't the homecoming he anticipated. Neela Rasgotra reports for Day 1. The disarray of ER renovation mirrors the chaos of trauma-unit life.

Episode 2: The Lost; Teleplay by John Wells; Story by David Zabel & John Wells; Directed by Christopher Chulack; 10/2/03
Carter returns to the Congo. His intent is to find the body of Dr. Kovac,, but the physically and emotionally demanding search leads him to the discovery of something unexpected: his own sense of purpose.

Episode 3: Dear Abby; Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by Christopher Chulack; 10/9/03
Abby this. Abby that. Her bad day gets worse - she receives a break-up letter from Carter. Romano is enraged over his prosthetic hook, and the nurses are enraged over the reduced work hours he imposes.

Episode 4: Shifts Happen; Written by Dee Johnson; Directed by Julie Hebert; 10/23/03
A long day's night: Pratt oversees a chaotic graveyard shift. On the floor with him: Neela, Abby, Weaver, Cooper - and many new and not very experienced nurses.

Episode 5: Out of Africa; Written by David Zabel; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 10/30/03
Dr. Kovac's first day back in the ER. Nurse Taggart arrives. Abby becomes on of the med students. Romano is as toxic as ever. Lewis cares for potentially suicidal senior citizen Ben Hollander.

Episode 6: The Greater Good; Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 11/6/03
Save a life at any cost? Or count those costs when it's clear the life saved will be one of constant suffering? Kovac and Pratt clash over their duties as physicians.

Episode 7: Death and Taxes; Written by Dee Johnson; Directed by Felix Enriquez Alcala; 11/13/03
Where Kovac goes, Alex follows. The boy spends the day in the ER when Sam can't find a sitter for him. Lewis makes unexpected dinner plans and Gallant spearheads a risky transport of a septic cancer patient.

Epsiode 8: Freefall; Written by Joe Sachs; Directed by Christopher Chulack; 11/20/03
Romano makes life tough on the students. Events make things tougher for everyone - especially Romano - when a mass casualty event hits the understaffed ER on Thanksgiving.

Episode 9: Missing; Written by David Zabel; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 12/4/03
He did a lot of good, created even more enemies. Almost everyone avoids the memorial for Romano. Meanwhile, Amish youths sampling life in the outside world and a child with no identification come to the ER.

Episode 10: Makemba; Written by John Wells; Directed by Christopher Chulack; 12/11/03
Happy holidays, John Carter. He continues his dedicated service in the Congo while bringing a touch of Christmas festivities to the clinic... and while falling in love with impassioned AIDS worker Makemba Likasu.

Episode 11: Touch and Go; Written by Mark Morocco; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 1/8/04
Hello, goodbye. Carter returns from Africa with Kem. Kovac submits his letter and date of resignation (but may find reason to change his mind). Pratt's impulsiveness results in a save... and a terrible loss.

Episode 12: NICU; Written by Lisa Zwerling; Directed by Laura Innes; 1/15/04
Small patients, big problems. Students Abby and Neela begin their three-week rotations in the department charged with the care of County General's youngest and neediest: the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Episode 13: Get Carter; Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter; 2/5/04
Ready or not, here she is. Kem spends the day in the ER, observing American medical practice and having an impact - wanted or not - wherever she goes. Pratt has a crisis of confidence.

Episode 14: Impulse Control; Written by Yahlin Chang; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 2/12/04
Don't go. Carter's romantic day on the town with Kem leads to unexpected destinations - the airport and her departure for Africa. Pratt and Abby hold a TB patient against his will and Sam makes a big play for Kovac.

Episode 15: Blood Relations; Written by Dee Johnson; Directed by Nelson McCormick; 2/19/04
Let me out! Claustrophobic Neela enters a hyberbaric chamber to treat a newborn stricken with carbon monoxide poisoning. Sam has second thoughts about her fling. Chen returns. Carter visits Kem via webcam.

Episode 16: Forgive and Forget; Written by Bruce Miller; Directed by Christopher Chulack; 2/26/04
Chaos is the usual m.o. at County, but this time it's kicked up a level. Frank becomes a patient and a deranged veteran with a grudge against the ER steals an army tank and comes calling.

Episode 17: The Student; Written by David Zabel; Directed by Paul McCrane; 4/1/04
To help her get a better residency rating, Carter encourages Neela to be more assertive a plan that backfires when she makes a tragic error. Chuck defends Lewis from a weirdo with a thing for pregnant women.

Episode 18: Where There's Smoke; Written by Jacy Young; Directed by Tawnia McKiernan; 4/8/04
The hospital legal department starts an investigation into the death of the patient Neela treated. Meanwhile, the ER staff fights to save some grievously injured firefighters including Sandy.

Episode 19: Just a Touch; Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by Richard Thorpe; 4/22/04
Breast exam... or sexual harassment? A patient claims Pratt has gone too far. Meanwhile, Weaver continues to fight for custody of her infant son. Sam's ex-boyfriend unexpectedly resurfaces in her life.

Episode 20: Abby Normal; Written by David Zabel; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 4/29/04
The students take giant steps. Abby uses a controversial treatment to uncover the cause of a young mother's mysterious seizures. Neela assists nerdy Ph.D. candidates conducting research in the "mouse house."

Episode 21: Midnight; Written by John Wells; Directed by Julie Hebert; 5/6/04
Graduation Day - and Abby and Neela approach it in different ways. Meanwhile, Carter and Kem confront tragedy. Corday has a visitor. Pratt's diagnosis of a youth's condition is dismissive and flawed.

Episode 22: Drive; Written by Dee Johnson; Directed by Jonathan Kaplan; 5/13/04
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