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Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond is considered by some to be an edgier interpretation of the superhero than all other animated series, this fresh take on the Batman saga follows Terry McGinnis, an ordinary teenager whose father is mysteriously murdered. Suspecting foul play at his father's company Wayne/Powers Corporation, Terry meets Bruce Wayne and learns of his secret identity. Wayne is now too old to fight injustice, so Terry steals the Batsuit in search of his father's assassin.

Does the suit make the man, or does the man make the suit? That's the question Terry McGinnis asks himself each time he takes flight over the crime-ridden streets of Gotham City. As the new Batman, Terry has all the high-tech gear and gadgets he needs, plus Bruce Wayne's research skills and instincts. But this impetuous teenager is still a newcomer to the crime world, lacking his mentor's experience. Taking down criminals like The Jokerz, Shriek and Curare is a grueling battle of wits and will require a hero's abilities. But with each fight won and each victim saved, Terry grows more confident in his role as Gotham's guardian.

The third season became the last for the series, Terry joined forces with the Justice League Unlimited.

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Batman Beyond Voice Cast List
Actor Name: Character Name:
Will Friedle
Kevin Conroy
Jane Alan
Stockard Channing
Rachael Leigh Cook
Teri Garr
Cree Sumner
Lauren Tom
Frank Welker
... Terry McGinnis
... Bruce Wayne
... Miss Winston
... Commissioner Barbara Gordon
... Chelsea Cunningham (2000-2001)
... Mrs. Mary McGinnis
... Chelsea Cunningham (1999-2000)
... Dana Tan
... Ace the Bathound
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