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The Jetsons

George Jetson is the head of a family that includes his wife, his teenage daughter, his son, the family dog and a robot maid. George is constantly trying to get himself out of situations caused by his family or his boss and generally made worse by him.

- George Jetson was the well-intentioned, but most hapless father of the clan.
- Jane Jetson was his wife.
- Judy Jetson was his teenage daughter who was interested in boys and clothes.
- Elroy Jetson was his adventurous son.
- Astro was the family dog that was Elroy's constant companion.
- Rosie the Robot was the Jetsons' opinionated maid.

Voice Cast List
Actor Name: Character Name:
George O'Hanlon
Penny Singleton
Janet Waldo
Daws Butler
Mel Blanc
Jean Vander Pyl
Don Messick
... George Jetson
... Jane Jetson
... Judy Jetson
... Elroy Jetson
... Cosmo S. Spacely
... Rosie the Robot
... Astro
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