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The Batman Season 1 DVD Details:
Episodes on DVD #1: Episodes on DVD #2:
1. The Bat in the Belfry
2. Traction
3. Call of the Cobblepot
4. The Man Who Would Be Bat
5. The Big Chill
6. The Cat and the Bat
7. The Big Heat
8 . Q & A
9. Big Dummy
10. Topsy Turvy
11. Bird of Prey
12. The Rubber Face of Comedy
13. The Clay Face of Tragedy

New Look, New Direction, New Knight [5:30] - Go behind the scenes to explore the development of The Batman series
Building the Batman [6:30] - Detective Ellen Yin investigates The Batman's true identity
— Gotham PD Case Files - Profiles of The Batman's foes
— The Batman Junior Detective Challenge
— The Batman Junior Detective Exam
— The Batman Big Chill Challenge

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