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Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry:
The Tom and Jerry legacy chases through every nook and cranny of the classic animation pantheon, spanning six decades and several famous directors. Looney Tunes icons Friz Freleng, Tex Avery and Chuck Jones all played their part. but the enduring cat-mouse team was the brainchild of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Tom and Jerry Tales:
In 2005, Tom and Jerry returned to TV on Kids' WB in their first animated series in 30 years - and their chase capers are as nutty and neverending as ever.

Tom and Jerry Tales Volume 4 DVD Details:
Zent Out of Shape
I Dream of Meanie
Which Witch
More Powers to You
Catch Me Though You Can't
Power Tom
Don't Bring Your Pet to School Day
Cat Show Catastrophe
The Cat Whisperer
Adventures in Penguin Sitting
Cat of Prey
Jungle Love
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Tom and Jerry Tales Volume 3 DVD Details:
Bats What I Like About the South
Fraidy Cat Scat
Tomb It May Concern
Cat Nebula
Martian Mice
Spaced Out Cat
Freaky Tiki
Destruction Junction
Battle of the Power Tools
Jackhammered Cat
Tin Cat of Tomorrow
Beefcake Tom
Tom Cat, Superstar
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Tom and Jerry Tales Volume 2 DVD Details:
Octo Suave
Beach Bully Bingo
Treasure Map Scrap
Fire Breathing Tom Cat
Medieval Menace
The Itch
Digital Dilemma
Hi, Robot
Tomcat Jetpack
Piranha Be Loved (by You)
Spook House Mouse
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Tom and Jerry Tales Volume 1 DVD Details:
Ho Ho Horrors
Doggone Hill Hog
Northern Light Fish Fight
Way-Off Broadway
Egg Beats
Cry Uncle
Joy Riding Jokers
Cat Got Your Luggage
City Dump Chumps
Tiger Cat
Feeding Time
Polar Peril
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Spotlight Collection Volume 3 DVD Details:
Disk 1:
A Mouse in the House
Hatch Up Your Troubles
Love That Pup
Jerry's Diary
Tennis Chumps
The Framed Cat
His Mouse Friday
The Duck Doctor
Little Runaway
Fit To Be Tied
The Dog House
That's My Pup!
Life With Tom
Puppy Tale
Posse Cat
Hic-Cup Pup
Downhearted Duckling
Neapolitan Mouse
Mouse For Sale
Smarty Cat
Tops with Pops
Disc 2:
Pet Peeve
Southbound Duckling
Pup On A Picnic
That's My Mommy
The Egg and Jerry
Busy Buddies
Barbecue Brawl
Timid Tabby
Feedin' The Kiddie
Tom's Photo Finish
Happy Go Ducky
Royal Cat Nap
The Vanishing Duck
Robin Hoodwinked
Bonus Features:
— 60 Years of Cat and Mouse: The Tale of Tom and Jerry - The history of one of animation's greatest teams from the early days to censorship controversies to award-winning glory
— Tom and Jerry Tales: The Karate Guard - 2005 short that marked Joseph Barbara's return to Tom and Jerry for the first time in forty years.
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Spotlight Collection Volume 2 DVD Details:
Disk 1:
Puss in the Boot
the Midnight Snack
The Night Before Christmas
Fraidy Cat
Dog Trouble
Puss and Toots
The Bowling Alley Cat
Fine Feathered Friend
The Lonesome Mouse
Puttin' On the Dog
The Mouse Comes to Dinner
Mouse In Manhattan
Springtime for Thomas
Trap Happy
Part Time Pal
Dr. Jeckyll and Mr.s Mouse
Old Rockin' Tom
Professor Tom
The Cat and the Mermouse
Polka-Dot Puss
Disc 2:
Saturday Evening Puss
Litter Quacker
Texas Tom
Safety Second
Sleepy-Time Tom
Nit-Witty Kitty
The Missing Mouse
Jerry and Jumbo
Just Ducky
Little School Mouse
Tom and Cherie
Muscle Beach Tom
Down Beat Bear
Mucho Mouse
Tot Watchers
Bonus Features:
— Audio Commentaries on Saturday Evening Puss, Puss N' Boots, The Night Before Christmas, and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Mouse by Madtv's Nicole Parker and Animation Historian Earl Kress.
— Animators as Actors: Where the inspiration for character personalities come from.
— The Comedy Stylings of Tom And Jerry: Hanna-Barbera original inspirations for Tom and Jerry.
— Tom and Jerry Introduction by Whoopi Goldberg
— 1941 Pencil Sketch: "Midnight Snack": A side by side comparison with the color episode and the black and white pencil sketch of this famous episode.
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Spotlight Collection Volume 1 DVD Details:
Disk 1:
The Yankee Doodle Mouse
Sufferin' Cats
Baby Puss
The Zoot Cat
The Million Dollar Cat
The Bodyguard
Mouse Trouble
Tee for Two
Flirty Birdy
Quiet Please
The Milky Waif
Solid Serenade
Cat Fishin'
The Cat Concerto
Kitty Foiled
The Truce Hurts
Salt Water Tabby
The invisible mouse
The Little Orphan
Heavenly Puss
Bonus: How Bill and Joe met Tom and Jerry
Bonus: "Anchors Aweigh" dance sequence with Gene Kelly
Disc 2:
Texas Tom
Jerry and the Lion
Tom & Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl
Jerry and the Goldfish
Cueball Cat
Slicked-Up Pup
Jerry's Cousin
Cat Napping
The Flying Cat
The Two Mouseketeers
Smitten Kitten
Johann Mouse
Two Little Indians
Baby Butch
Mice Follies
Designs on Jerry
Pecos Pest
Touche Pussycat!
The Flying Sorceress
Blue Cat Blues
Bonus: Behind the Tunes - MGM Orchestra
Bonus: "Dangerous When Wet" Swimming Sequence with Esther Williams
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