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This animated version of the Caped Crusader endeavors to explore Batman's darker and haunted portrayal of the comic books, rather than the camp '60s TV Series or the Batman sequel theatrical films. The series used both the well-known villains of the comic books like The Joker, but also introduced some of its own such as Harley Quinn. The series even moved from Saturday mornings to prime time on the WB network. It has spawned several spinoffs in which Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, has now carried on the role continuously since 1992. The series has themes that adults will catch, but the series can still be viewed by older kids.

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Note: Batman: The Animated Series Volume 4 is actually the 2 seasons of Batman: Gotham Knights which added Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, Tim Drake as an adolescent Robin and Dick Grayson (The Animated Series' Robin) is now Nightwing.

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