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Charlie and Lola

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Charlie and Lola is a cartoon from the BBC that currently has a home in the US on Playhouse Disney. The show is almost a throwback to older cartoons with its simple animation style. The show is almsot entirely about Charlie and his younger sister Lola, although each have a best friend that turn up frequently. Being a BBC production does mean that Charlie and Lola speak with British accents which adds to the show's charm.

In a time when cartoons are filled with sassy kids, crude sounds and other unbecoming behavior, Charlie and Lola has little of it. Instead, Charlie and Lola genuinely care about each other. Yes, they fight or upset each, but in the end they always make. They look out for each other when something else has upset them. It's a pleasant show

Volume 7 DVD Details
Episode: "This Is Actually My Party"
Episode: "My Best Best Bestest Friend"
Episode: "What if I Get Lost in the Middle of Nowhere?"
Episode: "I Just Love My Shiny Red Shoes"
Episode: "Lucky Lucky Me"
Episode: "Will You Please Stop Messing About"
Episode: "Look After Your Planet"
- "Dancing Dogs" Music Video
- Funny Outtakes
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Volume 6 DVD Details
Episode: "How Many More Minutes Until Christmas"
Episode: "Charlie Is Broken"
Episode: "I Completely Know About Guinea Pigs"
Episode: "I Spy With My Little Eyes"
Episode: "I Am Really, Really, Really Concentrating"
Episode: "I Really Wonder What Plant I'm Growing"
Episode: "I Am Extremely Magic"
- "It's Snowing" Video Montage
- Funny Outtakes
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Volume 5 DVD Details
Episode: "I Like My Hair Completely the Way It Is"
Episode: "I Do Not Ever Never Want My Wobbly Tooth To Fall Out"
Episode: "I Must Take Completely Everything"
Episode: "I Am Hurrying. I'm Almost Nearly Ready"
Episode: "I Want to be Much More Bigger Like You"
Episode: "But I Am An Alligator"
Episode: "Snow Is My Favorite and My Best"
- Mix and Match Game
- Interview with Lauren Child
- A Funny Little Clip
- Funny Outtakes
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Volume 4 DVD Details
Episode: "You Can Be My Friend"
Episode: "Too Many Big Words"
Episode: "It Is Absolutely Completely Not Messy"
Episode: "I Will Be Especially Very Careful"
Episode: "Can you Maybe Turn the Light On"
Episode: "Yes I Am, No You're Not"
Episode: "Please May I Have Some Of Yours"
- "The Bestest in the Barm" Clip
- Funny Outtakes
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Volume 3 DVD Details
Episode: "I Can Do Anything That's Everything All on My Own"
Episode: "There Is Only One Sun and That Is Me!"
Episode: "I've Won. No, I've Won. No, I've Won"
Episode: "It Wasn't Me"
Episode: "Say Cheese"
Episode: "My Little Town"
- Snap Game
- Dancing Clip
- Sporty Clip
- Funny Outtakes
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Volume 2 DVD Details
Episode: "I Am Not Sleepy and I Will not Go to Bed"
Episode: "But That is My Book"
Episode: "Boo! Made you Jump!"
Episode: "I Want to Play Music Too"
Episode: "The Most Wonderfullest Picnic in the Whole World"
Episode: "You Won't Like This Present As Much As I Do"
- Hide and Seek Game
- Funny Outtakes
- Hidden Surprises
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Volume 1 DVD Details
Episode: "I Will Never Eat a Tomato"
Episode: "We Do Promise Honestly We Can Look After Your Dog"
Episode: "I'm Far Too Extrememly Busy"
Episode: "It's a Secret"
Episode: "I Love Going to Granny and Grandpa's It's Just That"
Episode: "I'm Just Not Keen on Spiders"
Episode: "I'm Really Ever So Not Well"
- A Jigsaw Game
- Funny Outtakes
- Hidden Surprises
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