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From Walt Disney Home Entertainment:
In these zany adventures, Scrooge McDuck and his rambunctious nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie go on safari in deepest Africa, stow away on a secret aircraft carrier and rocket into space in search of Scrooge's lost "Money Bin." Whether they are resisting the charms of Magica DeSpell as she tries to pry the Number One Dime out of Scrooge's coffers, eluding the nefarious schemes of the Beagle Boys or just trying to stay ahead of Scrooge's arch rival Flintheart Glomgold, the McDuck clan always comes out on top because they know that friends and family are the most valuable treasure there is!

Comments from The Patriot Resource:
DuckTales manages to take greedy old Scrooge McDuck and make a sympathetic character, thanks to his three nephews Dewey, Huey and Louie. DuckTales has the boys playing amateur detectives as they foil various plots that usually involve Uncle Scrooge's Money Pit, which he regularly swims in. Along for the ride and often getting in the way was bumbling pilot Launchpad McQuack. This was probably the best cartoon to emerge from the Disney weekday lineup.

DuckTales Voice Cast List
Actor Name: Character Name:
Russi Taylor
Alan Young
Terence McGovern
Joan Gerber
Hal Smith
... Dewey/Huey/Louis Duck
... Scrooge McDuck
... Launchpad McQuack
... Mrs. Beakley
... Gyro Gearloose
DuckTales IMDB Listing

Volume 3 DVD Episodes:
Duck to the Future
Jungle Duck
Launchpad's First Crash
Dime Enough For Luck
Duck in the Iron Mask
The Uncrashable Hindentanic
The Status Seekers
Nothing to Fear
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. McDuck
Once Upon a Dime
Spies In Their Eyes
All Ducks on Deck
Ducky Horror Picture Show
Till Nephews Do Us Part
Time Is Money, Part 1
Time Is Money, Part 2
Time Is Money, Part 3
Time Is Money, Part 4
Time Is Money, Part 5
Super DuckTales, Part 1
Super DuckTales, Part 2
Super DuckTales, Part 3
Super DuckTales, Part 4
Super DuckTales, Part 5
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Volume 2 DVD Episodes:
Don't Give Up the Ship
Wronguay in Ronguay
Three Ducks of the Condor
Cold Duck
Too Much of a Gold Thing
Back to the Klondike
Horse Scents
Scrooge's Pet
Catch As Cash Can, Part 1 Catch As Cash Can, Part 2
Catch As Cash Can, Part 3
Catch As Cash Can, Part 4
Merit-Time Adventure
The Golden Fleecing
Ducks of the West
Time Teasers
Back Out in the Outback
Raiders of the Lost Harp
The Right Duck
Luck O' the Ducks
Duckworth's Revolt
Magica's Magic Mirror
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Volume 1 DVD Episodes:
Send in the Clones
Sphinx for the Memories
Where No Duck Has Gone Before
Robot Robbers
Magica's Shadow War
Master of the Djinni
Hotel Strangeduck
Lost Crown of Genghis Khan
Duckman of Aquatraz
The Money Vanishes
Sir Gyro de Gearloose
Hero for Hire
Maid of the Myth
Down & Out in Duckburg
Much Ado About Scrooge
Top Duck
Pearl of Wisdom
The Curse of Castle McDuck
Launchpad's Civil War
Sweet Duck of Youth
Earth Quack
Home Sweet Homer
Bermuda Triangle Tangle
Micro Ducks From Outer Space
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