Wild Wild West

Think James Bond in the Old West with a sidekick. James West and Artemas Gordon were two Secret Service agents outfitted with a wonderful train who were foiling various plots in the Old West.

From The Patriot Resource:
Though the show was set in the Old West, it was had many science fiction elements as western elements much like the more recent The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.. James West was a ladies man like Bond and Artie always had a gadget or trick up his sleeve. It also had tons of comedic elements. The plots were usually over the top, but still entertaining.

- James West was an Old West James Bond, getting himself into situations just to get closer to the answer and then busting out to foil the villain
- Artemas Gordon was a man of a thousand disguises and also had the inventive skills of 'Q'.
- Miguelito Loveless was a repeated adversary of James West
- President Grant appointed West and Gordon to their special duties

Cast & Crew List  
Name: Credit:
Michael Garrison

Robert Conrad
Ross Martin
Michael Dunn
Roy Engel
Douglas Henderson
... Creator

... James West
... Artemas Gordon
... Miguelito Loveless
... President Ulysses S. Grant
... Col. James Richmond
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