Magnum PI

Thomas Magnum was a private investigator who lived in Hawaii. He was retained by the reclusive author Robin Masters to oversee security on his estate. Magnum took cases in the meantime.

From The Patriot Resource:
The show was a blend of great setting (Hawaii), humor and varying stories. With Magnum's Vietnam/military connections, along with the jetsetting friends of Robin Masters and, of course, Hawaii, there was a range of material that the writers drew from for action and intrigue. Tom Selleck was a great lead and the supporting cast, especially John Hillerman, brought the writing alive.

- Thomas Magnum was a retired Naval Officer and Vietnam vet who became a private investigator
- Jonathan Higgins maintained Robin Masters' Hawaii estate and did not like Magnum's cavalier style
- T.C. was Magnum's friend from Vietnam and had his own helicopter charter business in Hawaii
- Rick was another friend from Vietnam, managed the King Kamehameha Club and had a pipeline to underground/underworld sources.
- Mac was another military buddy that worked in Naval Intelligence
- Agatha was a proper lady who had an eye on Jonathan
- Tanaka was Magnum's contact at the police department

Cast & Crew List  
Name: Credit:
Donald Bellisario
Glen Larson

Tom Selleck
John Hillerman
Roger E. Mosley
Larry Manetti
Jeff MacKay
Gillian Dobb
Kwan Hi Lim
... Creator
... Creator

... Thomas Magnum
... Jonathan Higgins
... Theodore 'T.C.' Calvin
... Orville 'Rick' Wright
... Lt. 'Mac' MacReynolds
... Agatha Chumley
... Police Lt. Yoshi Tanaka
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