Fall Guy

An aged stunt man doubled as a bounty hunter for a second job when the movie stunt work was slow. Throw in his naive cousin and a gorgeous young woman who both want to learn the stunt (and bounty hunting) trade.

From The Patriot Resource:
Decent stories with loads and loads of fun. Lee Majors played a stuntman/bounty hunter, which meant double the excuse for action. Throw in Heather Thomas as an intelligent (far more intelligent than Douglas Barr's Howie) AND attractive stuntwoman learning from Seavers. A recurring joke was Colt's "broken-down" body, which was likely a take-off from Majors' breakout television series role as the bionic (and virtually indestructible) Six Million Dollar Man.

- Colt Seavers was an experienced stunt man who doubled as a bounty hunter when the movie work was slow.
- Howie Munson was Colt's somewhat wet-behind-the-ears cousin.
- Jody Banks was learning how to be a stuntwoman from Colt.
- Terry was one of several bondsmen that employed Colt during the series.

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Glen Larson

Lee Majors
Douglas Barr
Heather Thomas
Markie Post
... Creator

... Colt Seavers
... Howie Munson
... Jody Banks
... Terry
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