Four Vietnam vets were on the run from the military because they had been convicted of a crime they did not commit. They escaped and went underground helping those who need it, while trying to prove their innocence.

From The Patriot Resource:
Don't look for any serious drama here. This was a live-action cartoon: lots of explosions, gun battles and crashes, but no one died. In fact, most everyone walked away with a few cuts and bruises at the most. The show lasted as long as it did only because of the charisma and chemistry of the lead actors. They tried to "freshen" the show with some changes in the final season, but the show had run its course.

- Colonel Hannibal Smith was the commander.
- Sergeant B.A. Baracus was the mechanic and the muscle. He absolutely hated flying so a running gag was how B.A. was tricked into flying.
- Lieutenant Templeton Peck was the charming con artist and second-in-command when Hannibal wasn't present. Peck also had a habit of inserting himself into society in between missions.
- Captain 'Howling Mad' Murdock was the pilot, who seemed to not only have a few screws loose, but missing entirely.
- Colonel Decker, military police official, was always hot on the trail of the A-Team, but always just missed out on recapturing them.
- General Hunt Stockwell appeared in the last season and actually forced the A-Team to work for him on covert operations.

Cast & Crew List  
Name: Credit:
Stephen J. Cannell
Frank Lupo

George Peppard
Mr. T
Dirk Benedict
Dwight Schultz
Lance LeGault
Robert Vaughn
... Creator
... Creator

... Colonel Hannibal Smith
... Seargent Bosco 'B.A.' Baracus
... Lieutenant Templeton "Face" Peck
... Captain "Howling Mad" Murdock
... Colonel Roderick Decker
... General Hunt Stockwell
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