MacGyver worked for the Phoenix Foundation, which had deep government connections, but persued altruistic and humanitarian missions.

From The Patriot Resource:
MacGyver was an agent of the humanitarian Phoenix Foundation, who had an immeasurable amount of scientific knowledge. He was able to use this knowledge to take innocuous equipment and make devices that would aid him in escapes and traps and other situations. The only time this wore thin was when he would dismantle an available gun and use its parts (such as using an automatic weapon to open a fire hydrant), rather than just use the gun. He was like a 'green' (environmentally friendly) secret agent.

- MacGyver wass an agent of the Phoenix Foundation with the knowledge to take everyday items and turn them into useful tools as well as an acute aversion to using firearms.
- Pete Thornton wass Mac's friend and boss at the Phoenix Foundation
- Jack Dalton was MacGyver's long-time friend who was a pilot and had a knack for getting himself in trouble and dragging in Mac as well.
- Murdoc was an assassin who had failed to kill Mac and made it his personal mission. He was Mac's ultimate nemesis.

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Lee David Zlotoff

Richard Dean Anderson
Dana Elcar
Bruce McGill
Michael Des Barres
... Creator

... Angus MacGyver
... Pete Thornton
... Jack Dalton
... Murdoc
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