From BBC Video:
Like the CIA in America, MI-5 is the defensive security intelligence agency for the UK - an organization that brings its operatives into mortal danger on a regular basis. The stakes are always raised in every episode of the award-winning MI-5, as the threat to national security increases and the need to thwart the activities of terrorists operating within the UK becomes more urgent. Tom (Matthew MacFadyen) and the team find themselves at the heart of the action and must deal with the psychological fall-out of leading such dangerous double-lives. In a world where the role of the intelligence services and secret agents is being thrown into greater relief, the fast-paced drama is tied closely to actual events happening around the world.

From The Patriot Resource:
The series, known as Spooks in the UK, is intense and so packed with storylines that repeat viewings are sometimes necessary. Each DVD Volume is also filled with extra features such as episode commentaries and behind-the-scenes information.

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