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The Lord of the Rings Places: Middle Earth Travels of Merry
In The Fellowship of thr Ring

Middle Earth locales visited by Merry in The Fellowship of the Ring in order of travel:

The Shire:
- Hobbiton
- Green Dragon
- Farmer Maggot's Fields
- Buckleberry Ferry

In the North:
- Bree
- Prancing Pony
- Chetwood Forest
- Midgewater Marsh
- Weathertop
- Troll Camp

- Council of Elrond

Pass of Caradhras

- Hollin Gate
- Dwarrowdelf
- Balin's Tomb
- Bridge of Khazad-dûm
- Dimrill Dale
- Cerin Amroth
- Caras Galadon
- Silverlode River

Along the River Anduin:
- Argonath
- Nen Hithoel
- Parth Galen
- Amon Hen

Merry attends the birthday party in Hobbiton and later is at the Green Dragon with Pippin, Frodo and Sam. He and Pippin run into Frodo and Sam in Farmer Maggot's Fields. When Merry realizes that Frodo and Sam are in trouble, he volunteers to lead them to Buckleberry Ferry. He continues the journey with Frodo going to Bree, the Midgewater Marsh and Weathertop before they all arrive at Rivendell. He and Pippin interrupt the Council of Elrond and insist on joining Frodo on his quest. At the Hollin Gate outside Moria, he and Pippin are throwing stones into the lake which awakens the Watcher in the Water. After Gandalf falls at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, Merry continues the journey with the rest of the Fellowship through Lothlórien and down the River Anduin. When he realizes that Frodo means to leave the rest of them behind at Amon Hen, he and Pippin get the Uruk-hai to chase them. Boromir is mortally wounded trying to protect them.

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