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The Lord of the Rings Places: Middle Earth Travels of Merry
In The Two Towers

Middle Earth locales visited by Merry in The Two Towers in order of travel:

- Eastemnet Gullies
- Plains of Rohan

Fangorn Forest:
- Uruk-hai Camp
- Waking Tree
- Treebeard's Hill

- Tower of Orthanc

The Uruk-hai carry Merry and Pippin through the Eastemnet Gullies and across the Plains of Rohan as they head for Isengard. When they make Camp, they are attacked by Éomer and his force of Rohirrim. Merry and Pippin manage to slip away into Fangorn Forest, but are pursued by Grishnákh. Treebeard puts an end to Grishnakh and takes the two Hobbits deeper into the forest. He leaves them to rest and they are nearly overcome by a Waking Tree before Treebeard returns and orders the tree to free them. They then go to Treebeard's Hill where the Ents hold an Entmoot. They decide not to get involved, but Pippin asks Treebeard to take them south near Isengard where Treebeard sees the trees that have been cut down. The Ents then attack Isengard and trap Saruman in the Tower of Orthanc.

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