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The Lord of the Rings Places: Middle Earth Travels of Gimli
In The Two Towers

Middle Earth locales visited by Gimli in The Two Towers in order of travel:

- Eastemnet Gullies
- Plains of Rohan

Fangorn Forest:
- Uruk-hai Camp

- Edoras
- Edoras Stables
- Golden Hall
- White Mountains
- Helm's Deep
- Hornburg
- Deeping Wall

Gimli joins Aragorn and Legolas in pursuit of the Uruk-hai who have captured Merry and Pippin and are taking them to Isengard through the Eastemnet Gullies. They cross into Rohan and then on the Plains of Rohan encounter Éomer and his force of Rohirrim who tell them the Uruk-hai have been destroyed. The three continue on to the remnants of the Camp where they find signs that the Hobbits escaped into Fangorn Forest. They follow the tracks into the forest and meet Gandalf. He leads the three of them to Edoras and the Golden Hall. The three of them have his back as he approaches King Théoden. Gimli puts his foot on Gríma during the confrontation. Gimli goes with Aragorn and Legolas to Helm's Deep and battles the Wargs near the White Mountains. He joins Aragorn and Legolas in the defense of the Deeping Wall until it is breached. When Aragorn and Théoden make a last ride out, Gimli goes into the Hornburg and blows the horn.

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