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The Lord of the Rings Places: Middle Earth Travels of Gimli
In The Return of the King

Middle Earth locales visited by Gimli in The Return of the King in order of travel:

- Tower of Orthanc

- Edoras
- Golden Hall
- Dunharrow

- Paths of the Dead
- Pelennor Fields
- Minas Tirith
- The Citadel
- High Court

- Black Gate

- Minas Tirith
- White Tree

Gimli goes to Isengard with Aragorn and Legolas to confront Saruman and then returns to Edoras and the Golden Hall with King Théoden. They go to Dunharrow where the Rohirrim are gathering their forces to ride to Gondor's aid. Gimli and Legolas then go with Aragorn to the Paths of the Dead. They then come to Pelennor Fields and Minas Tirith. Gimli then goes with Aragorn to the Black Gate of Mordor before returning to Minas Tirith for Aragorn's coronation as King of Gondor.

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