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Lexington and Concord
Paul Revere's Ride
by David Hackett Fischer

This book was read after a enjoyable reading of Dr. David Hackett Fischer's more recent release, Washington's Crossing ( review). The book is titled Paul Revere's Ride, but it covers so much more than the ride itself. It covers the years of politics in Boston leading up to the ride. Dr. Fischer demonstrates that Revere was at the center of or not far from the center of much of the rebel activities in Boston leading up to the the start of war. The book is thorough in detail. An additional treasure is the one hundred plus pages of appendices, bibliography and notes, which really make the book worth being added to one's personal collection for repeated reference. With such a wealth of supplimental information, the book is well worth keeping around. However, the book is not just a dry scholarly exercise to be worked through . Dr. Fischer's writing style is delightful. He is able to impart detailed information that is far from being dry and even at times reads more like page-turning fiction.

Most narratives concerning the American Revolution are broad in scope in an effort to not get bogged down in confusing details. However, Dr. Fischer deftly weaves an enormous amount of detail about such matters as the culture and mindset of colonial New England into his narrative in such a way as to add depth to the events depicted without becoming distracting or overwhelming. Though some explanations of minor details could have been omitted without the narrative suffering, they are great treats for history buffs not unlike behind-the-scenes stories from film and television productions, which add another layer to the finished presentation. This book is well worth not only reading, but owning, referencing and rereading.

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