The Patriot Resource - American Revolution

Dates of the American Revolution
Dates of the American Revolution:
Who, What, and Where in the War for Independence

by Harry J. Karapalides

202 pages (plus 4 Appendices and Bibliography);
Part I:
Part II:
Part III:
Part IV:
Part V:
Part VI:
Appendix A:
Appendix B:
Appendix C:
Appendix D:
Pre-Revolution Events
The War Begins
The Northern War
The Southern War
The War Ends
Post-Revolution Events
Participants in the American Revolution
Battles, Skirmishes, Raids, and Miscellaneous Matters
Military Actions for Each Colony and Territory
Dates by Month

This book is a very quick reference guide for major dates of the American Revolution. The four appendices cross-index the chronological information listed in the book by the listed methods. There is no in-depth information to be found in this book, but it is a good quick chronological resource for keeps prominant dates straight. The book does include a few of the most prominant non-military events.

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