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Redcoats and Rebels
Redcoats and Rebels:
The American Revolution Through British Eyes

by Christopher Hibbert

338 pages (plus fate of characters, bibliography and index); 25 chapters.
1. Sons of Liberty
2. First Blood
3. Bunker Hill
4. Washington Takes Command
5. 'An Ugly Job'
6. The War in Canada
7. Disasters in Virginia
8. The Declaration of Independence
9. The Battle for New York
10. Generals at Loggerheads
11. Winter on the Delaware
12. The Fall of Philadelphia
13. The Army of the North
14. Surrender at Saratoga
15. The English Debate
16. Intrigues at Valley Forge
17. Fighting at Monmouth Court House
18. Enemies of the French
19. Marching Through Georgia
20. Quarrels in New York
21. Butchers and Patriots
22. Slaughter on King's Mountain
23. The Traitor and the Spy
24. With Cornwallis in the Carolinas
25. The Road to Yorktown

This book is nearly a mirror of George F. Scheer and Hugh F. Rankin's Rebels and Redcoats. The major difference is that Hibbert employs British recollections and primary sources for his book, rather than American sources as Scheer and Rankin do. When I started reading the book, I expected a pro-British, anti-American voice from the book, but that was not the case, it was very objective and describing events from the British perspective was interesting. It is a sweeping overview of the entire war highlighted by comments from a British perspective.

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