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Washingtons Crossing
Washington's Crossing:
Audio Book
by David Hackett Fischer

379 pages (plus Appendices, Historiography, Bibliography, Notes and Index); 18 chapters.
1. The Rebels
2. The Regulars
3. The Hessians
4. The Plan of the Campaign
5. The Fall of New York
6. The Retreat
7. The Crisis
8. The Occupation
9. The Opportunity
10. The River
11. The March
12. The Surprise
13. Hard Choices
14. Good Ground
15. The Bridge
16. Two Councils
17. The Battle at Princeton
18. Aftermath

- Winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize in History

- Named one of five nonfiction finalists for the 2004 National Book Awards

- Named named one of The New York Times Ten Best Books of 2004

First, the reading of this book was halted, because the reader wanted to read Paul Revere's Ride ( review). After completing that book, the reader returned to read Washington's Crossing, which picks up where Ride leaves off... at Bunker Hill. General George Washington arrives and starts building an army. Dr. Fischer then gives background on British Regular troops and the Hessian mercenaries. Next, the stage is set with the Fall of New York and Washington's retreat across New Jersey. He then mapped out the various piece on the chessboard before bringing them together for the several actions over several days that followed that legendary crossing.

Dr. Fischer fills in many details of the circumstances surrounding the Crossing, which are obscure. Granted, some might be subject to differing interpretations by historians, but Dr. Fischer makes compelling arguments. The book is written in a surprisingly engaging prose, which often reads like fiction while packed with myriads of detail. The other treasure is the nearly one and fifty pages of extra material in appendices and extensive source bibliography. This last feature of the book makes it more than worth not only reading, but adding to one's collection for repeated reference.

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