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The Road to Guilford Courthouse
The Road to Guilford Courthouse:
The American Revolution in the Carolinas

by John Buchanan

401 pages (plus Notes, Bibliography and Index); 24 chapters.
1. The Battle of Sullivan's Island
2. The Rice Kings
3. Southern Strategy
4. The Approach March
5. Charleston Besieged
6. The Rise of Banastre Tarleton
7. Into the Back Country
8. Hearts and Minds
9. Trouble in the Back Country
10. More Trouble in the Back Country
11. A Hero Takes Charge
12. The Battle of Camden
13. The Partisans Fight On
14. The Rise of Patrick Ferguson
15. To Catch Ferguson
16. King's Mountain
17. Retreat and Turmoil
18. A General from Rhode Island
19. The Stage is Set
20. Tarleton Pursues Morgan
21. Cowpens
22. Bayonets and Zeal
23. Patience and Finesse
24. Guilford Courthouse
- The Major Characters and What Happened to Them

This book focuses on the Southern Theatre in 1780-1781, beginning with the British preparations for the second siege of Charleston and ending with the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. The book also includes two useful features: a Select and Annotated bibliography section and the Major Characters, which gives page-long biographies of principle figures.

I would not suggest this text for someone who is new to the topic of the Southern Theatre, because of its intense focus on only the most pivotal portion of the action of the American Revolution in the South, but rather for someone who is familiar with the general history of the war already and is searching for more in depth information.

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