The Patriot Resource - American Revolution

Southern Campaigns
Southern Campaigns of the
American Revolution

by Dr. Dan L. Morrill

184 pages (plus chronology and index); 16 chapters
1. Moore's Creek Bridge
2. Charleston: The First Time
3. Indians and Slaves
4. Whigs and Tories
5. Savannah: The First Time
6. Savannah: The Second Time
7. Charleston: The Second Time
8. Bloodshed in the Backcountry
9. Camden
10. King's Mountain
11. Nathanael Greene Assumes Command
12. Cowpens
13. The Race to the Dan
14. Guilford Court House
15. Greene Returns to South Carolina
16. Yorktown

This book is a good primer covering the whole situation in the South through Yorktown. The first six chapters set the stage in the South from 1776 to 1780. The seventh chapter picks up at the second siege of Charleston, South Carolina and the remaining chapters carry through to Yorktown, which is the time period that is central to The Patriot.

It really reads like a string of book reports covering the major events in the South. It's a good starting point for one's research. It's very broad in its descriptions, offering few anecdotes and the barest of biographical information on the principles figures. As a result it is an easy and quick read, even when describing battle lines and movements.

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