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Lexington and Concord
Lexington and Concord
by Arthur Tourtellot

270 pages (plus Notes, Bibliography and Index); 8 chapters.
PROLOGUE: The Beat of a Drum
1. Captain Parker's Lexington
2. The Visitors
3. The Midnight Riders
4. The Battle: Lexington
5. The Battle: Concord
6 . The Battle: Retreat
7. The Users of Adversity
8. Birth of an Army

Though the book is titled Lexington and Concord, it mainly concentrates on Lexington and its inhabitants. Some time is spent on Concord, but it feels rushed compared to the detail on Lexington. Either Mr. Tourtellot felt that Lexington was more deserving of attention, or he researched his Concord material second and ran out of time. In spite of this, it is an excellent read and is recommended. The book has some nice detail, but does not get bogged down in it. The author maintains focus on the events of April 18-19, 1775 with suitable background on Lexington and, of course, Paul Revere.

After reading this book, one will come away with feeling like one has lived in Lexington for a few weeks and gotten to know the town, its people and its history. However, one will feel as though as one had only spent a weekend in Concord as a tourist, learning the events and places, but without a real depth of knowledge. As long as the reader understands the book's disparity between the two towns, it is a well-done look at the start of the American Revolution and Mr. Tourtellot poses some interesting observations and opinions for thought.

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