The Patriot Resource - American Revolution

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Lexington and Concord
Paul Revere's Ride
by David Hackett Fischer

Table of Contents:
295 pages (plus Appendices, Historiography, Notes and Index); 16 chapters.
1. Paul Revere's America
2. General Gage's Dilemma
3. First Strokes
4. Mounting Tensions
5. The Mission
6. The Warning
7. The March
8. The Capture
9. The Alarm
10. The Muster
11. The Great Fear
12. The Rescue
13. The First Shot
14. The Battle
15. A Circle of Fire
16. Aftermath
Appendix A: The Revere Family
Appendix B: The Hitchborn Family
Appendix C: Revolutionary Rides of Paul Revere
Appendix D: Paul Revere's Involvement in the Revolutionary Movement
Appendix E: The British Army in Boston: Order of Battle, April 18, 1775
Appendix F: The British Army in Boston: Returns of Strength, 1775
Appendix G: The Royal Navy in America, January 1, 1775
Appendix H: Weather Patterns, April 17-20, 1775
Appendix I: The Moon, April 18-19, 1775
Appendix J: Tidal Movements, British March and the Midnight Ride
Appendix K: The British Concord Expedition: The Problem of Numbers
Appendix L: A Chronology of the british March, April 18-19, 1775
Appendix M: The British March: Time, Distance, Velocity
Appendix N: Methods of Timekeeping in 1775
Appendix O: The Lexington Militia: Quantitative Research
Appendix P: American Casualties, April 19, 1775, by town
Appendix Q: British Casualties, April 19, 1775
Appendix R: Casualties among British Officers on the Concord Mission, April 19 to June 17, 1775
Appendix S: Spread of the News of the First Shots at Lexington
Historiography: Myths About the Midnight Ride
Historiography: Participant Historians - The Myth of Injured Innocence
Historiography: Children of the Founders - The Myth of the Patriot Fathers
Historiography: The Union in Crisis - Longfellow's Myth of the Lone Rider
Historiography: Myths of Imperial America - Colonel Revere as a Man on Horseback
Historiography: An Age of Disbelief - The Myths of the American Debunkers
Historiography: Crusade for Democracy - The Myth of the Comman Man
Historiography: The Cold War - The Myth of the Capitalist Democrat
Historiography: The Age of Vietnam - The Myth of the Evil Americans
Historiography: Academic History, Political Correctness, and Paul Revere
Historiography: Crosscurrents

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