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Partisans and Redcoats
Partisans & Redcoats
by Walter B. Edgar

146 pages (plus Chronology, Glossary, Notes, Biographies and Index); 7 chapters.
Introduction: America's First Civil War: The South Carolina Backcountry, 1775-1782
1. The South Carolina Backcountry: Taming the Southern Frontier
2. In the Eve of the Storm: The Revolution in South Carolina, 1777-1779
3. The Storm Surge Hits: The Revolution in South Carolina, 1779-1780
4. The Tide Turns: The Battle of Huck's Defeat
5. July-October 1780: The Beginning of the End
6. "No Quarter!" The Desperate Struggle in the South Carolina Backcountry
7. Huck's Defeat and American Independence

Like The Road to Guilford Courthouse and Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution, Partisans and Redcoats reads like a primer for events. However, this book focuses almost entirely only on South Carolina. Edgar also gives background information going back to the French and Indian War to set the stage for the civil war that would carry on during the fight with the British. Edgar obviously knows him material because of the details that can be found in his book, which are missing from the other two aforementioned book. Even so, the book felt rushed. Edgar also seemed to get ahead of himself occasionally by carrying on about a particular event and the fallout and then backtracking chronologically.

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