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Lois & Clark Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1 - "Lord of the Flys";
Written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming; Directed by Philip J. Sgriccio; 9/22/96
Clark leaves Earth to rule New Krypton... and Lord Nor arrives to institute a reign of terror.

Episode 2 - "Battleground Earth";
Written by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner; Directed by Philip J. Sgriccio; 9/29/96
The world's military gives Superman just 48 hours to defeat Lord Nor, or they'll take on the "wacko Martian" themselves.

Episode 3 - "Swear to God, This Time We're not Kidding";
Written by John McNamara; Directed by Michael Lange; 10/6/96
They're getting married. Really. Unless the nutty Wedding Destroyer breaks out of confinement to break up the nuptials.

Episode 4 - "Soul Mates"; Written by Brad Kern; Directed by Richard Friedman; 10/13/96
It's Lois and Clark's wedding night, the newlyweds are in a clinch.. and H.G. Wells pops up with connubiality-busted news.

Episode 5 - "Brutal Youth"; Written by Tim Minear; Directed by David Grossman; 10/20/96
Jimmy's boyhood pal come staggering into the newsroom - white-haired, wrinkled and old.

Episode 6 - "The People v. Lois Lane"; Written by Grant Rosenberg; Director: Robert Ginty; 10/27/96
The D.A. has an airtight case against a suspected killer: the crime on filme and a city full of eyewitnesses. The accused: Lois Lane.

Episode 7 - "Dead Lois Walking";
Written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming; Directed by Chris Long; 11/10/95
Will Lois get the chair? Not with Superman around! One prison break later, Lois and Clark hunt for the real killer.

Episode 8 - "Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark"; Written by Brian Nelson; Director: Oz Scott; 11/17/96
Lois and Clark's new best buddies Bob and Carol seem to good to be true. And they are: Bob is the cold-blooded assassin Deathstroke.

Episode 9 - "Ghosts"; Written by Michael Gleason; Directed by Robert Ginty; 11/24/96
A-haunting we will go. A plus-sized ghost decides she'll take Lois' body... and Lois' husband, too.

Episode 10 - "Stop the Presses"; Written by Bruce Kern; Directed by Peter Ellis; 12/8/96
Perry's promoted, and the new editor of the Daily Planet is...Lois! Think Clark will get along with his new boss?

Episode 11 - "'Twas the Night Before Mxymas"; Writer: Tim Minear; Director: Michael Vejar; 12/15/96
Christmas again? Where did the time go? Mr. MXYZPTLK, an imp from the fifth dimension, makes every day Santa's day.

Episode 12 - "Lethal Weapon"; Written by Grant Rosenberg; Directed by James Charleston; 1/5/97
Perry's ex-con son and Mr. Gadget's cop son bring their own brands of evildoing to Metropolis.

Episode 13 - "Sex, Lies and Videotape";
Teleplay: Andrew Dettmann & Daniel Truly; Story by Dan Wilcox; Director: Philip J. Sgriccio; 1/19/97
A shot of Superman with a married woman (Lois!) destroys the Man of Steel's wholesome image.

Episode 14 - "Meet John Doe"; Written by Tim Minear; Directed by Jim Pohl; 3/2/97
Dirty politics gets a new layer of slime when fugitive-from-the-future Tempus runs for president.

Episode 15 - "Lois and Clarks";
Written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming; Directed by Chris Long; 3/9/97
One Tempus, one H.G. Wells, two Clark Kents. Add 'em up and you have time-warp adventure aplenty.

Episode 16 - "RKR Superman"; Written by Jeffrey Vlaming; Directed by Robert Ginty; 3/16/97
A pretty coed with the hots for Superman is sure she's discovered his secret identity - Jimmy Olsen!

Episode 17 - "Faster Than a Speeding Vixen"; Written by Bruce Kern; Director: Neal Ahern; 4/12/97
New in Metropolis: crimefighter Vixen and Leslie Luckabee, who's purchased the Daily Planet.

Episode 18 - "Shadow of a Doubt"; Written by Grant Rosenberg; Directed byPhilip J. Sgriccio; 4/19/97
HHmm: Leslie Luckabee - L.L. - Lex Luthor? Is Luckabee Lex's son? And does he want what Daddy wanted: Superman dead and Lois as his bride?

Episode 19 - "Voices from the Past"; Written by John McNamara; Director: David Grossman; 4/26/97
Leslie Luckabee, the twisted Mr. Smith, a killer shadow: all come together for thrilling adventure.

Episode 20 - "I've Got You Under My Skin"; Written by Tim Minear; Directed by Jim Pohl; 5/31/97
Gangsters are after a dopey lowlife. so he uses magic to switch bodys with Clark Kent, who's now superpowerless against the mob.

Episode 21 - "Toy Story"; Written by Brad Kern; Directed by Jim Pohl; 6/7/97
Forlorn Perry places a lonely hearts ad. Meanwhile, Lois and Clark search for kidnapped orphans.

Episode 22 - "The Family Hour";
Written by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner; Directed by Robert Ginty; 6/14/97
The final Lois & Clark episode includes a real surprise. It's not that. Nope, not that either. You'll have to watch and find out!

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