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The Flash

From Warner Home Video:
John Wesley Shipp portrays Barry Allen, a police crime technologist endowed with sudden talents after a fluke lab accident. He pledges to use his new powers for good, powers that include ultra-speed reflexes and the ability to vibrate his molecules so rapidly he can pass through solid walls. Amanda Pays (Max Headroom) is medical researcher Tina McGee, who monitors Allen's accelerated metabolism and guards his secret identity as he takes on The Trickster, Captain Cold, the Ghost and mad inventors.

Comments from The Patriot Resource:
Surprisingly entertaining superhero show from 1990. The special effects are nothing compared to recent shows, but managed to hold up better than other older shows. The show did suffer from overacting and some cartoonish storylines so it was not a big surprise that the show only lasted a season.

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The Flash Cast List:
Actor Name: Character Name:
John Wesley Shipp
Amanda Pays
Alex Desert
Biff Manard
Vito D'Ambrosio
Mike Genovese
Richard Belzer
Mark Hamill
... Barry Allen/The Flash
... Christina 'Tina' McGee
... Julio Mendez
... Officer Michael Frances Murphy
... Officer Bellows
... Lieutenant Warren Garfield
... Joe Kline
... The Trickster
The Flash (1990-1991) IMDB Listing

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